Reduce waist Yes it is possible! You just have to follow these practical tips

Today we are going to share some good tips to help you reduce your waistline , we know that this is a very problematic area but not impossible to improve. We invite you to follow these tips so that in a short period you can enjoy a beautiful waist. We do not promise you a wasp waist because that depends on your genetics, but what we are going to tell you is that you will be able to reduce the fat that is around you.

You want to reduce your waistline, so start eating like this

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You cannot pretend to reduce your waist if you do not do something before so that your diet is different from the usual one, since it is seen that this is the main reason why extra centimeters accumulate there. The first thing you are going to do is start consuming low glycemic carbohydrates, you are going to change saturated trans fat and cholesterol for healthy fats such as monounsaturated and polyunsaturated, you should consume a lot of water when you feel cravings. Among the healthy foods that you should consume include; avocado, fish, chicken, beef tenderloin, fiber, vegetables, oatmeal, nuts, pure cocoa, and low-carb fruits. Finally, replace soft drinks with hot drinks such as green tea.

The fat accumulated around the waist is the most dangerous so try not to exceed 88 cm, if not, you need to start a diet quickly to reduce the waist. For this to be completed, you must eliminate your bad habits. It is said that the body only requires 21 days to quit an addiction or implement a new habit , so start now and you will notice the results in 21 days.

Reduce the amount of calories you consume

Remove foods that are high in calories from your weekly menu , replace them with nutritious and low-calorie foods. You should fill half of your plate with vegetables, the other half is distributed by cereals and protein, and ends with a fruit for dessert. If you are not sure how many calories you consume daily, it is time to start checking the labels of the products, the goal is to be able to create a deficit of 500 calories a day to start using that fat around your waist . This is very easy to understand, look; If there are 3,500 calories in a pound of fat and you manage to create a daily deficit of 500 calories, in about seven days you could have lost a pound.

Sleep well

Get a good night’s sleep so that your body is not exposed to high levels of cortisol, as we know this is the stress hormone that is related to the accumulation of fat around your waist . This hormone is also the culprit that training enters the stagnation phase, you must keep it at bay so that it does not affect fat burning.

Practice cardio HIIT

There is nothing better to reduce waistline than cardiovascular exercise , and even more so if it is at a high intensity such as HIIT exercises. This type of training is more practical than doing two hours of cardio at a moderate intensity, HIIT is an excellent option to accelerate fat loss without having to consume so much muscle mass. This technique also serves to keep metabolism accelerated, combat insulin resistance and improve cardiovascular capacity.

If you decide to do cardio HIIT, avoid doing it on an empty or very full stomach so that you do not have discomfort during the exercise and then have to stop. This exercise is recommended at least 4 hours a week. If HIIT is not your thing, you can also practice tae bo or twerk sessions, these are fun cardio sessions that in addition to burning fat help to tone abs, legs and buttocks.

Works the abdomen area

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As you lose fat from the waist, you need to start working on the muscle mass in that area to prevent the love handles from coming back. Among the exercises that you can practice to reduce waist are;

Hypopressive exercises

Hypopressive abdominals are a type of posture that is performed in total apnea doing deep abdominal contractions while making an opening of the diaphragm, as this is done, a self-lengthening of the body should be done as if someone were pulling your head up. Exercise helps reduce the waist because it strengthens the abdominal girdle, this is in charge of supporting the organs so that they are always in place. This girdle begins to weaken as a result of pregnancies, bad posture and the lack of exercises that strengthen the area.

Exercises to strengthen the transversus abdominis, rectum and obliques

The transverse abdominis is the natural corset that the body has to keep the organs in place, to tone it together with the rectus abdominis and obliques, you need to do exercises such as the climber, the spider man, crunch of abs, planks, the lumberjack with dumbbells or pulley, twist, etc. In case of abdominal diastasis, you should opt for hypopressive exercises or abdominal exercises focused on the transverse muscles, as this is a problem that compromises the rectus abdominis and some exercises for the abdomen such as contractions would only help to accentuate this problem more.

We are also going to recommend that you do exercises with ketlebell and the medicine ball to add weight work to your waist training.


Pilates exercises for the abdomen are really effective to reduce waist because they help to strengthen all the muscles of the abdomen, there is no muscle that does not remain unworked. This is achieved through the infinity of movements and postures that must be aligned with breathing and concentration. Among his most popular exercises for waist are; the hundred, the roll up, the scissors, etc. It is such a diverse type of gymnastics that you can use weight bands and fitballs to do your exercises.

What did you think of the tips? Let us know.