5 essential tips for pregnant women

Motherhood is an extraordinary stage and full of new sensations for many women. It is in this period when more changes occur, both internally and externally. Pregnant women are constantly learning, acquiring new healthy habits and understanding that they should avoid habits that may be dangerous for the baby’s health.

It is usual that in this new stage of your life a multitude of questions arise such as: what should I do, what should I eat? What activities can I do? Where do I have to go? And, of course, consult all kinds of specialists and go looking for the best recommendations to take care of both your health and that of your baby. We want to contribute in this beautiful stage of your life, with these 5 tips that can be very useful to you .

Essential tips for pregnant women

1. Balanced diet

Food plays a fundamental role in this period of your life . You will have to make efforts to get away from habits that you had deeply ingrained in your day to day, such as the consumption of alcohol, no matter how little, and drinks such as tea, coffee or soft drinks. Instead it is important that you drink a lot of water.

Get rid of the myth that now you will have to eat for two , since that is not true. What you should do is eat healthier, eating a moderate and balanced diet. This diet should consist mainly of vegetables, fruit, fish, cereals and low-fat dairy products. In this way the baby can grow healthy and you will not have to gain excess weight.

2. Avoid what can hurt your baby the most

It is a time for you to take charge of yourself and your health, being more responsible than ever . That is why you have to avoid alcohol consumption, stay away from tobacco completely if you are a smoker, and if you are not, also (try not to be near the smoke of smokers). and of course no drugs, as well as medications that have not been previously recommended by the doctor.

Cuidado en el embarazo

3. Rest and pamper yourself

We know that rest is essential, and in this period it is even more so. Try to rest whenever your body asks you to, remember that there will be many signals that your body is giving you and you will have to listen to them. Your body is currently making a great effort for the baby to develop in a healthy way. Take the opportunity to sleep as much as you can, and learn to take care of yourself and love yourself.

4. Listen to your doctor and take vitamin supplements

Your doctor will surely give you many indications so that you and your baby stay strong throughout your pregnancy. Vitamin supplements such as folic acid, iodine and iron are essential minerals and vitamins for the baby, therefore highly recommended for pregnant women. This will serve as an extra help , do not hesitate to consult all these aspects with your doctor.

5. Try to be in good spirits

All the states that you go through in this period, your baby is sensitive to them. He is part of you, perceives and captures everything you transmit to him. What better welcome for your baby than you are in a good mood . These are difficult times but you will have to make an effort to see all the positive aspects. Take care of your physical appearance, give yourself a whim, do not give up enjoying yourself and get ready whenever you can to see yourself and feel beautiful. It is essential that you feel good about yourself and do everything possible to increase your self-esteem. Your baby will be reinforced through your attitude.