How should cycling glasses be?

When we buy a product to do sports, we have to take several factors into account. The reason is that, on many occasions, it is about protecting our body and our health . For this reason, we must choose that item that is of quality and that adapts well to our needs. Not all people play sports in the same way. Therefore, they do not all need the same kit. In this way, those who like to go out with the bicycle, should know that they have to acquire the appropriate cycling glasses . They have, for this, to look, for example, at the quality of the lens or at shock resistance. Find out what you should analyze to get the ideal product.

What should cycling glasses have?

There are many models that exist regarding cycling glasses . Now, not all have the same quality or adapt in the same way to our body. Therefore, we must select the one that really meets our needs. In Oakley Encoder you have numerous options among which you will find the one that best suits you in all aspects that surround the sports world, such as the field of vision necessary to take a tour comfortably or the fit to our face. Discover all the points you should take into account when buying cycling glasses .

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Field of view

Without a doubt, a characteristic that cycling glasses must have is a good field of vision. This has to be clear, wide and sharp. At the time we use this plugin, we should not see the elements around us in a distorted way. This occurs when the curvature of the lens is not adequate. The most ideal thing would be for the eyes to be able to reach any point of vision, there should be no dead spots .

lens quality

One of the key points when selecting good cycling glasses is the quality of the lens. These have to be approved. To check it, you have to look at whether or not they have the certificate of the European Union regulations . If so, the crystals meet a minimum of quality and would protect the vision from the sun’s rays.

shock resistance

We must never forget that cycling glasses are an item that protects our body when we decide to ride a bike. Therefore, we do not have to ignore that they must be of quality and adapt to our rhythm and the environment in which we move on a regular basis. In this way, they must be resistant to both shocks and any type of impact. It is necessary to remember that we may hit our faces with branches or even have small stones fly against it.

Fit to the face

Three points that must always be taken into account when buying cycling glasses are size, support and curvature. In the event, for example, that the support is not adequate, it is possible that while we are practicing sports, our cycling glasses fall off.

Ventilation and lightness

Two aspects that we cannot leave behind are ventilation and lightness . The lighter the cycling glasses are, the less we will notice that we are wearing them. Therefore, we will feel freer and more comfortable at all times. Regarding ventilation, it is important to prevent fogging. In this way, we will not have to stop every so often to clean them. The air must circulate between our face and the lenses. On the other hand, today there are also anti-fog cycling glasses .