What things should we take into account when choosing an exercise bike to exercise at home?

It is common that in the day to day we have little time to do sports. For this reason, many people decide to set up a small sports space at home in order to exercise their body without having to go, for example, to a gym. In this way, one of the most recommended elements in these cases is the stationary bicycle , from which the body can be prepared to later do a stronger training, or many kilometers can be covered without moving from the same point while listen to music or even watch a movie or series on television.

However, as with any other product, not all exercise bikes are the same, but there are numerous models designed for certain users who are looking for a product with more or less services. Likewise, it is also possible to choose a certain size or color . Without a doubt, when selecting an exercise bike or another, it is necessary to take into account numerous factors to acquire the item that meets our objectives, which can be more or less demanding depending on the involvement we have with the sport.

How can we choose the best exercise bike?

Choosing a good exercise bike is not easy considering the number of models out there. Therefore, it is important to analyze what we need and why we need it in order to finally select the ideal product. Now, at Compratuskate.online you will find numerous devices that will adapt to you perfectly. It will be much more comfortable than you imagine and you can always contact the people in charge of the company to resolve any questions that may arise.

The disk of inertia

It is an indispensable part of the exercise bike . The more this element weighs, the more comfortable and fluid the pedaling will be. Therefore, always keep it in mind when making your purchase.

bicicleta estática

The resistance

There are different types of resistance , these are the following:

  • Manual resistance : In this case, the inertia disk is braked through shoes. It is without a doubt the oldest resistor in existence and is only used on the cheapest bikes on the market.
  • The magnetic system : In this resistance, magnets are used when braking the inertia disk. Now, there is no contact between the disk and the magnets. It allows a constant, fluid and, in addition, silent movement, which increases the comfort of the user.
  • Electromagnetic resistance : In this case, braking is achieved from the bicycle’s computer. Therefore, it is achieved that the resistance is more precise. Also, pedaling is even quieter.

heart monitoring

It is true that it is becoming more and more common for an exercise bike to have an internal heart rate monitor that allows the athlete to control their heart rate in order not to risk their health at any time. Normally, these sensors are placed on the handlebar of the device, so it is only necessary to hold on to it to obtain the necessary data, which will be reflected on the screen. Now, today there are mid-high range bicycles that have wireless sensors. These are placed around the chest and send the measurement results to the control panel. In this way, it will not be mandatory to have your hands on the handlebars.

The programs

Not everyone develops the same training rhythm . Therefore, when choosing an exercise bike or another, you have to take into account the programs it offers. Through them you can obtain some objectives or others. So much so, that there are programs capable of simulating ascents and descents as if you were traveling through a mountain. Thus, the resistance increases or decreases at times.