How much damage do UVA screens do to your skin?

There are more and more people who love to show off a beautiful tan throughout the year. The problem is that in winter we cannot sunbathe, which is why more and more people go to beauty salons to use UVA screens.

UVA screens can help us with acne, bone or muscle problems , as well as help the body to produce vitamin D or even in our mood. But there are many more contraindications than benefits.

Differences between UVB and UVA rays

The sun emits two types of radiation, UVB and UVA radiation. UVB rays are absorbed by the skin slowly and superficially. They are the ones that produce a longer lasting tan. But prolonged exposure causes burns, reddened skin, and blisters.

Instead, UVA rays penetrate the skin more deeply, immediately tanning . Exposure to these types of rays causes the cells of the dermis to oxidize and mutate their DNA, causing premature aging and can generate the dreaded melanoma.

Sunlight helps the synthesis of vitamin D, essential for the body’s health, but the pollution of the ozone layer that filters these rays is no longer effective. For this reason, UVA screens have become popular in recent years as an alternative to natural tanning. Now, how harmful can it be to use them?

Effects of UV screens on the skin

The latest research on the subject has determined that artificial exposure to UVA rays is also dangerous for the skin, even more than direct sun exposure, since the effects on the skin are cumulative.

If you start using UVA screens before age 30, you have a 75% higher risk of skin cancer.

Other risks to which you expose yourself

Premature aging

With artificial tanning, the skin loses its elasticity, causing wrinkles to appear prematurely.

Affects sight

Although the centers are provided with protective glasses, the risk exists. The damage that direct exposure to UVA rays causes to the eyes is irreversible.


Every skin is different. Some skin types are more sensitive than others. This is why in many cases, the use of UVA screens causes serious irritations, such as rash or rashes.

Decrease the body’s defenses

Exposure to UVA rays directly affects the proper functioning of the immune system, essential to defend the body from diseases.

Despite knowing the damage it can cause, UVA screens continue to have fans around the world. In Europe alone, one in five people, between the ages of 18 and 45, have had sessions at some point in their life.

If you are thinking of doing it yourself, then learn what the risks are and how to take care of yourself.

pantalla rayos UVA

The precautions that you should take into account are simple:

  • Go to specialized centers. There they should give you accurate information. Feel free to ask anything you want to know.
  • Your skin has to be clean of cosmetics and creams.
  • You should not apply any bronzer.
  • Take into account your skin type before exposing yourself.
  • If you take any medication that produces photosensitivity, rule out the use of UVA ray screens.
  • Let 48 hours pass between sessions and do not sunbathe that same day.

Finally, we want to remember that the skin has a memory , it must be cared for with a vision of the future. The most important thing in front of being able to show off a tanned skin, should always be our health.