Electric road bike: How to choose it?

At first electric bikes were only used for urban commuting , but the fact that they are now used to cover longer distances, makes the electric road bike a favorite among cyclists . Did you know that there is more than one type? How to choose the most suitable for you?

Why use an electric road bike?

The main advantage of electric road bikes is that they can do longer routes and also provide different sensations for users. For starters, the fact that the bike is powered by an electric motor makes cyclists less tired; this is appreciated on the most difficult routes or with many slopes.

bicicleta carretera eléctrica

On the other hand, electric bicycles are the most recommended for people who have come out of an injury or those who have recurring or chronic problems and who like to practice sports. This is because an electric bicycle is not as demanding as a conventional bicycle; the electric bike does not require much effort on the part of the user. This bike is ideal for people who are already a certain age or who cannot make great efforts, but are fond of cycling.

The electric road bike is also recommended for people who have not trained for a long time and are not in great physical condition . Those who do not have enough hours of the day to train or who want to enhance their physical activity in a short space of time, can also switch to this type of bicycle.

Do you know what an electric road bike is?

The electric road bicycle allows assisted pedaling by the presence of a motor , a battery , as well as electronic systems with sensors . These sensors make it possible to adapt the pedal assistance to cyclists, but they turn off once the vehicle reaches 25 km/h . This type of bicycle retains the design and aesthetics of conventional bicycles, but with pertinent modifications in the diagonal tube and the center axis or bottom bracket; it is in this part of the bike that the motor is mounted.

Other than that, electric road bikes are visually the same as non-powered, traditional bikes.

What are the types of electric bicycle?

Electric road bikes have the characteristic of allowing riders to adopt aerodynamic postures ; with a good aerodynamic posture it is possible for the power and force to be transmitted to the pedals . Which are the most recommended? How to choose the best one for you? The most important thing before choosing a bicycle is to know what use you are going to give it; if it is a bicycle that you will use every day or only on weekends, for example. In addition, of course if it will be a bicycle to practice sports only or if it is for commuting to work.


You should know that an electric road bike can be a long- distance bike. This type is very comfortable and allows riders to adopt a relaxed position on the handlebars. Gran fondo bikes are the best option for people with back problems , but also for those who like new challenges and want to ride on difficult paths or who practice sports for long hours.

For the most competitive environment, racing bikes . These are much lighter than the bottoms and are also very agile. The fastest and most reactive bicycles, as well as more uncomfortable than those described above, are the aero ones ; these have aggressive lines and allow great aerodynamic performance . If you are still starting out in the world of electric cycling and you have a tight budget, we advise you to get a sport bike . These are very easy and fluid to use.

Characteristics and how to choose it

brakes and engine

Electric road bikes are equipped with hydraulic and mechanical disc brakes, which makes braking more powerful . As far as the motor is concerned, these devices use a central motor system or a hub motor ; In the first case, this is placed in the frame, along with the cranks. In the case of those with a hub motor, these are located in the rear wheel hub.

Hub motors have the characteristic of being cheaper and lighter than central motors, they also have smaller batteries. That is why it is very common to find this type of motor in electric bicycles , but not in road bicycles. An electric road bike is powered by a central motor; These motors have high performance and high- capacity batteries and autonomy , despite the fact that the size of the motor makes it heavier. On the other hand, bikes with a mid-motor offer more stability for users.

Engine power

Engine power is measured in Newtons per meter (Nm). The higher this parameter is, the faster and stronger the electrical assistance will be. When we talk about power or engine delivery, we are referring to the acceleration of the bike.

There are different acceleration modes . Some vehicles only allow one mode of power delivery and there are others that have different modes that vary depending on the type of use that you want to give the bicycle . Some bikes allow customization of the power delivery mode through software or an app . How should the assistance be? The most advisable thing is that it be contained and natural, that allows better control of the device and the maintenance of a constant pedaling cadence. This, among other things, saves battery life .


The autonomy of the bicycle is determined by the size of the batteries . In the case of those equipped with a central motor, they have a battery of up to 500 Wh ; hub motor bikes reduce battery life by up to 250 Wh . The electric road bike with a central motor allows trips of up to 100 km .

It is important to note that autonomy does not only depend on the capacity of the battery. It also affects the power used , the conditions of the route, the weight of the bicycle and that of the cyclist.

How to maintain the electric road bike?

Many users wonder if buying an electric road bike is profitable due to its maintenance . Some components of this type of transport suffer premature wear , unlike the conventional bicycle. Some of these components are the chain , the brake , and the rear tire ; this wear occurs due to electrical assistance.

On the other hand, the possibility of vehicle engine or battery failure cannot be ignored. However, both the motors and the batteries are usually very strong, long-lasting and rarely fail. In the event of a breakdown, this is usually quite expensive. To avoid failures in the motor, the battery and to optimize the other accessories of the bicycle, it is important to take it for regular check -ups with a mechanic . In addition, it is advisable to keep it very clean, but always avoiding washing with pressurized water .

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