12 tips to swim better in open water that you should know

An important fact to know in the world of swimming is that swimming in a pool has nothing to do with swimming in the sea. Not only the temperature conditions change, but our body, for example in the ocean, faces the forces of nature, which are uncontrollable. For this reason, if we want to be good athletes in any environment, throughout this article we are going to offer you tips to swim better in open water .

Tips to swim better in open water

It is important to know tips to swim better in open water in order to apply them during training and improve our abilities. Normally, when we learn to swim we do it in an adapted place where the difficulties are minimal. Therefore, different points must be taken into account when we face a changing environment, not adapted to our needs, such as the sea. If you want to improve your technique day by day , we tell you everything you need to know in this section.

work constantly

How could it be otherwise, the first thing we must do if we want to improve as athletes is to train a lot and constantly . Two, three or four weeks are not enough, we need much more time to deal with the circumstances that the environment offers. Therefore, trying to improve ourselves throughout all the seasons of the year will also be a great advantage for us. Thus, we will learn to move with strong waves, in calmer waters, with cold, with heat, with rain, with wind and with other environments that will help us adapt to different situations .

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training out of the sea

Although it is important to train in the sea to overcome our own limits, it is possible that you reside in a locality that is not close to this body of salt water. In this way, it is not surprising that groups are created to organize themselves to train in fresh water, specifically in areas such as reservoirs or swamps that will help us get closer to our goal every day with greater ease.

Don’t forget the discipline

Although nature does not act in the same way every day of the year, our discipline always has to be excellent and show it in each training session. As if we were in the pool, it is important to record our progress each day and follow certain techniques that ensure good movements and great progress. It is advisable to always write down the meters that we have traveled, the time that it has taken us to achieve it, the speed at which we have moved and all the exercises that we have carried out.

See and breathe properly

Spotting and breathing are very different movements that we must master. It is important that we do them separately, since they are totally independent of each other. The technique we have when we swim in the pool should not be changed. In this way, in the sea we must continue breathing to the side . Likewise, it is essential that we see a low point in the water , as if we were a crocodile that looks up at the level of the liquid so as not to get lost and control what is happening around it.

Take into account the variation of the wind

The wind blows every day in a different way, both in terms of direction and speed. Today it can be very calm and tomorrow it can prevent us from advancing with each stroke. In this way, we will also find the sea water different, more or less calm, with greater or lesser force. It can frustrate us at times; but, taking into account that it is impossible to control nature, it is best not to waste energy complaining and train with as many variations as possible so that nothing catches us off guard. It is always a relief to be prepared for what we can find.

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improve stroke

Another tip to swim better in open water is to improve your stroke, because when we swim in the sea we usually end up deviating from the path we had set for ourselves. One of the reasons is that we put our hands across the center line of the body. Therefore, it is important to change the technique to avoid this type of movement. On the other hand, always breathing to the same side also helps us to get out of that path that we had marked mentally. Correcting small mistakes will not be easy, but the sooner we start, the sooner we will stop making them.

control breathing

Breathing is very important when we are swimming, either in the sea or in a place enabled for it. Thus, we must know that we have to do it comfortably , as we would do it out of the water, without holding it. We will feel less exhausted and it will be easier for us to meet goals .

overcome fear

We always tend to be afraid of everything that we cannot control, and there is nothing less monotonous than nature. Depending on the day, it will receive us in one way or another. In this way, if we fear their reactions, their strength and their changes, we will be unable to give the best of ourselves. Moreover, fear will multiply over time and will not even allow us to get into the water safely .

Take orientation into account

One of the greatest dangers when swimming in the sea is getting lost and disoriented . In this way, it is essential to control our movements and our situation at all times. To achieve this, they recommend a very simple exercise. This consists of choosing a reference point out of the water . Afterwards, we will swim towards it and spot it every few strokes. If at this point we notice that we have deviated, then we simply have to correct the course. As we gain experience , in the case of deviating, we will do it when we have already given a high number of strokes.

consejos para nadar mejor en aguas abiertas

Control the kick

When we are swimming in the sea, our kick cannot be too strong . It must be taken into account that during the time in which the foot is out of the water we will not be able to propel ourselves. Now, a lot of foam will be created and it will take away our energy and strength, that is, an environment will be created that will only harm us. The best trick is to maintain a balance between the power and the rhythm of the legs and arms .

be careful with glasses

When we have bought some new goggles to swim in open water , it is best to try them in advance in the pool and do it with different light conditions. Thus, we will control how we feel with them and we will not be surprised in an environment that is not adapted to our needs. We will avoid, for example, having to stop to regulate the rubber in the middle of the sea. In addition, it is essential to know if they fog up , in order to purchase products designed for this purpose in advance.

Wearing the wetsuit for comfort only

Among the tips to swim better in open water is also to be aware that our wetsuit is not a lifesaver. At no time can we use it as a security element, nothing for us or prevent us from drowning at a bad time. Therefore, we must always take into account our limitations. We do not have to force or try to give more than what our body has shown us so far, because we are putting our lives at stake . Likewise, we must know that it can cause chafing and that we can feel uncomfortable when using it. Still, we have to move forward in the face of any uncomfortable surprises we find.