5 Simple Strategies to Reduce Stress and Anxiety Immediately

The demands of modern life create stress and anxiety. Our jobs and the material goods that we value take a large part of our time and energy, impacting our emotional state.

Since most people experience stress and anxiety in one form or another, learning how to handle these feelings is important to surviving and succeeding in the modern world.

A theoretical model that facilitates stress and anxiety reduction is Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). Discover five of its components to reduce stress and anxiety immediately .

Las mejores estrategias para aliviar la ansiedad

5 strategies to reduce stress and anxiety

1. Stop what you are doing and make contact with the present

The only moment of power is the here and now. If we want to make good decisions in the present and build a meaningful future. We cannot live in the past, only in the now.

Connect with the present by writing down five things you see, four things you hear, and three things you feel.Disminuye el estrés experimentando el presente

2. Accept whatever is happening by giving your feelings a place

If the hot water has run out and you have to shower because you have to go to an important event, such as a wedding, you make room for the discomfort of having to bathe in cold water. It’s terrible, there’s no question about it, and you still survived because you had something more important to do.

Begin to value your time and your life in the same way: make room for unpleasant feelings. When they come just breathe, give them space and don’t try to change them. They are like a trap: the more you try to get rid of them, the more unpleasant they will become. Instead of fighting, accept them and keep your eye on the things that matter most.Acepta los sentimientos desagradables

3. Observe yourself every day

Thoughts do not control you, because you are aware of them. If you notice the thoughts, then they become a separate entity from you. It is a bit metaphysical, but the “and or Observer” is the part of you that observes your experiences.

Think that your mind has two parts: the one that is constantly thinking and the one that is aware of everything that is happening. The second part helps us to become aware of our thoughts .

Develop this aspect of your life through meditation.Obsérvate a ti mismo para disminuir el estrés

4. Know yourself and what really matters to you to clarify your values

Values are the things that you find meaningful in life. They are what you care about and what you consider important.

Your values are like compasses that help you reach your destination, they are not goals that you can achieve. Clarifying your values about personal growth, work, leisure, spirituality, relationships, parenting, and physical well-being can help steer you in the right direction to make important decisions.Conócete para disminuir tu estrés

5. Take actions so that your behavior matches your values

If you come home from work stressed and one of your values is being a good partner, ask your partner how their day was. Listen to your partner carefully, without changing the topic of conversation to you or your stressful day. Even if you have to make room for one more unpleasant feeling by doing this, you will uphold your values and improve your relationship.

Even if it is difficult or uncomfortable to take actions that align with our values, it is the best way to have a happy and fulfilling life.Cómo tener una vida feliz y satisfactoria


It is necessary to learn how to get away from stress and anxiety. We all experience it and it’s time to take action, get to know ourselves, and focus on what really matters.


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