Fashion and styles in 2018 What will this year take?

If you are a fashion lover and it is part of your DNA to know in advance what fashion and styles are going to be worn each year, or what accessories or “it” garments of the season are going to be , you will have been paying close attention to what has been worn on the most important streets and catwalks of the fashion world in recent months with the aim of knowing what to expect in 2018.

You may have already noticed that shiny boots are one of the most “in” items of the moment, and that the color red is trendy. But let’s go one step further and try to predict the major trends that are looming on the horizon . In this way you will be able to organize your shopping list and take advantage of the last pull of the sales to know the looks that every “it girl” must master for this year.

The 10 fashion trends and styles that will triumph in 2018

Checkered prints

There is a pattern that is already dominating both the streets and the catwalks, and that is undoubtedly the check print. Or what is the same, the plaid prints. This design will appear more frequently during 2018 in blazers and pants, but little by little it will also be penetrating sets of suits, asymmetric tops and flared skirts . Combine it with jeans or in a more daring way with floral prints and you will triumph.


The resurgence of fringes in fashion and styles this year comes from the hand of designers such as Gucci or Dior, and promises to bring freshness and fun to our looks. From dresses to coats to even bags, fringes have made a strong comeback and this time to stay. Do not delay in getting a jacket embellished with this finish to be up to date: they are the ideal garment to show off your fringes with style.

Shoes with buckles

In the spring catalogs of the main brands, most of the outfits are crowned by buckle shoes of different shapes, colors and styles: flat shoes, sandals, heels, boots , etc. For this reason we assume that they will be a real hit in the fashion and styles of 2018. Shoes with this type of finish are very versatile, so it will be easy for you to incorporate them into your wardrobe. Brands such as Balenciaga or Zara offer the models are those that at the moment offer the most daring models -and also the most chic-.

The color lavender

Lots of soft lavender and lilac hues have appeared at the latest fashion shows, and some fashion stars like Victoria Beckham are already incorporating them into their looks. And this is very good news, as the color is a nice change after last season’s fuchsia pink, and it goes with everything. Tops, skirts or sweaters … It will stick on all garments, so the options will be abundant and the possible combinations, infinite.

Moda y estilos 2018

Floral prints

We already perceived it with the return of the squares and the fringes, but this trend has confirmed it for us: we return to the spirit of the sixties. Every great designer has come back to look for inspiration this decade, leaving us designs with dramatic colors and large, well-defined floral motifs. And be careful, not just for T-shirts: in one-piece jumpsuits, kimonos, blazers and even boots! Look for this pattern and mix it with the plaid one. It is a daring but safe bet and you will see how you set trends among the people around you.

The monkeys

If you are one of those women who love jumpsuits whether it is to go to work, for a casual date or to go out to party, we have good news for you. This one-piece staple is making a comeback this year but with a utilitarian twist. The new silhouette is inspired by the classic flight suit and comes in boxy and youthful styles that have the perfect slack to keep you comfortable wearing them for any occasion. Combine it with some heart-stopping heels that help make your figure slimmer and you’ll be divine.

XXL size jewelry

The 60’s are not the only decade in which designers have been inspired to decide the fashion and styles that will reign in 2018. As far as jewelry is concerned, it won’t take long to realize the great influence of the 80’s that we will find thanks to the large earrings and the layered necklaces that will adorn our outfits . We leave the types, shapes and colors to your liking. But whatever you do, follow rule number 1: put aside the most understated pieces and go for the boldest options.


Yes, as you read. Plastic is no longer just for raincoats and accessories and is going to become one of the most demanded fabrics of 2018 and Chanel is the most responsible for this madness … Or genius? Everything from boots to coats will present options in this material . If you are not sure about throwing yourself into the pool in style with this trend, try to introduce it into your style little by little with simple heels or a bag.

Daytime glitters

Glitter and sequins are usually reserved for the evening festivities, but we are here to tell you that in 2018 it is going to be fashionable to wear them during the day too . Let natural light shine off a sparkly top or skirt because there’s no better way to stand out. In addition, they are all advantages: if you have a party or an appointment after work and you do not have much time to change, you can go directly dressed.

Net bags

And if PVC was not enough for you, you should know that network meshes are also going to be up to date. Especially in bags : Different brands have transformed the mundane mesh material into stylish bags for all the essentials. So get yours to become the “it” girl of the moment.