5 habits of people with broad social networks

It is no secret to anyone that success and happiness in life is not about how much you know, but about who you know. If you are a good person and you connect in a real and deep way with others, you can reach higher than someone who only focuses on himself. It may seem obvious, but you will be surprised at the changes in your life when you start to consciously make those habits that successful and well-connected people practice all the time.

You certainly can’t buy a strong and broad social network , but you can learn to have better relationships, dedicate more time to the successes of others, and find those key people who will help you create a true and lasting impact.

Haven’t you seen in the movies that the leads just make a couple of calls and solve a problem? That is the quality of social network you need.

Hábitos para aumentar tu círculo social

1. Quality is vital

When we make close ties with people, it is important to maintain quality in them. I mean, don’t try to be intimate with everyone. This will drain your energy and you will eventually fail someone.

Focus on a few people but make sure they also have a wide social network that can be at your fingertips should you need it. Also, these relationships get stronger as time goes on, don’t neglect them!

La importancia de la calidad en tus relaciones sociales

2. Celebrate their successes

Good contact is not only based on knowing where you work or what your best skill is, it is important to be there for them when they are successful as well. Someone successful celebrates the goals and dreams of others.

It is very comforting to know that someone cares about you, and that their joy can also be yours. For this reason, it is important to feel joy if a person is promoted in their work or was recognized. It may seem like something of little importance, but it does!

Cómo conseguir redes sociales amplias y fuertes

3. It’s not all about hearing, it’s about listening

The best habit to improve a relationship is listening to each other. When we listen attentively without interrupting or hastily giving opinions, we understand the why of many things. Achieving a good relationship involves committing to the other person on some levels.

This commitment will be fruitful if we know how to listen. If we know how to shut up our minds and pay all our attention to what is being said. Who doesn’t feel better after being listened to?

Escuchar a otros para fortalecer tu red social

4. Generosity as a hat

Wear generosity as the hat that protects your mind from selfishness and greed. A person with a wide and successful social network cannot be selfish, he must be willing to give a little of himself to help others without regard and expect nothing in return. When you are both generous, a great relationship develops.

Giving a little advice, sending a message of encouragement or helping someone in a difficult moment can be a great show of generosity, if we know how to be prudent and accurate.

Mejorar tu red social siendo generoso

5. Treat others how you want to be treated

Finally, the most obvious: you cannot expect a broad, strong and lasting social network if you use your intelligence or your skills to be unpleasant. Perhaps you do it unconsciously, so we recommend that you review your current relationships, analyze how they work and why: there will be the answer of how you want to be treated, and of course, how you will treat others.

A mature person knows how to do all these things, especially if he wants to expand or strengthen the bond he has with his fellow men. By adding or subtracting some attitudes from day to day, better communication and better relationships can be achieved.

Hábitos para mejorar el vínculo con las personas de tu entorno


No matter how old you are, success comes at any age. And at any age you can start to take these habits that are quite simple, some even very obvious.

The change is surprising when we really set out to improve our interpersonal relationships. Not only do you improve professionally, but you also grow emotionally by caring for others and having someone you can count on unconditionally.

A good social network can get you out of a bind or lead you to the pinnacle of success.


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