Where are the most original and modern weddings and events held?

In 2018, 163,430 weddings were celebrated in Spain , according to the latest INE report on the family, with data from 2018. Getting married in the town church or in the town hall, in the case of civil weddings, is demodé. Couples prefer to organize more original and modern weddings and events.

Ideas to find where to celebrate more original weddings and events

Originality is not incompatible with tradition . Today’s bride and groom are looking for more personal spaces, away from the traditional places to celebrate a wedding. Cliffs, virgin beaches, great monuments are just some of the places where weddings are celebrated today.

A wedding or event on the beach

Whether they are couples who have lived near the sea or who enjoy it, the most spectacular beaches in the world have become a powerful claim for the bridal sector . Little by little he also gains positions in private events (whether private or corporate).

In Spain, with almost 8,000 kilometers of coastline, getting married on the beach is the option chosen by many couples looking for a romantic, carefree ceremony.

However , beach weddings increase technical complexity : a permit is required, which can be local or national. To achieve this, you will have to deliver all the details of needs, logistics and guests for approval.

Beaches in Spain where to celebrate an event (weddings included)

Las Teresitas, in Tenerife

Good weather, an idyllic setting, the sea. .. The Canary Islands have everything to become a star destination for beach events, especially after the regulatory change to celebrate weddings on the beach.

Beaches of La Manga del Mar Menor, Murcia

Until not long ago, celebrating your wedding on the beaches of La Manga del Mar Menor implied an infraction with a financial fine. The liberalization of this activity allows to organize spectacular weddings on these dream beaches.

Similarly, many beachfront hotel complexes offer spaces with sea views . If you don’t want to burden yourself with all the effort involved in a beach wedding, this is a valid option, simpler and less complex for the bride and groom.

Haciendas and cortijos, among the most demanded as a destination for weddings and the most original events

dónde celebrar bodas y eventos más originales

Weddings in Andalusia add a particularity: 60% of the bride and groom choose the cortijos as original places to celebrate the wedding; It is followed by hotels and emblematic monumental spaces such as the Alfonso XIII hotel or the Paradores (30%), while private estates (haciendas) are chosen by 10% of couples.

Of course, they are one of the spaces where to organize weddings and most original and at the same time traditional events.

The main motivation for choosing these settings to celebrate marriage is the privacy they provide. To this is added that on many occasions you have the possibility of hosting guests in the same enclave .

Cortijos, Haciendas and private estates where to celebrate weddings and more original events

Finca la Carreña

One of the places with the highest demand to host weddings in Jerez. Those responsible for this private estate for events in Jerez explain that in its 30 years of life they have married thousands of couples.

The most requested space within the options offered by the farm are the gardens, with extraordinary views of the countryside, and surrounded by the essence of the most authentic Jerez.

The Jerez celebration room can hold a maximum of 250 people. To accommodate family members, the complex has a rural house for events for a maximum of 7 people.

Emblematic roofs and spaces

The most urbanites do not have to give up an original place to celebrate the wedding. All cities in Spain have rooftops and emblematic spaces where to celebrate weddings and original events in the open air.

The roofs offer an open space, safe and with great views to get modern and different wedding photographs. In them you can celebrate the ceremony or just the banquet, depending on the space.

Emperor Hotel

Located in the middle of Madrid’s Gran Via, it is considered one of the most spectacular spaces for weddings on a roof terrace. With a capacity to house up to 250 people and rooms in the hotel itself, it has become one of the favorite places for couples.

Weddings in nature

For those bride and groom more attached to nature, there is also the option of organizing the wedding in a forest or in a private space . In these cases you always have to consider the logistics that accompany the event and the presence of the guests.

Despite the romanticism that all these spaces convey, it must be taken into consideration if the place can accommodate all the guests, if it is affordable to arrive or if it is a site with the corresponding permits and concessions. In the event of altercations or events, the insurance will respond, but only if everything is in accordance with the law.

And is that the piracy in places for weddings, communions and baptisms is a reality that the hotel owners of the sector claim to stop and know.