Travel to Greece, know its 5 biggest tourist attractions

Traveling to Greece is, without a doubt, one of the most rewarding experiences you can experience. Every human being should, at least, do it once in their life. For those who admire Greek culture, we recommend that you continue reading the following lines …

Get to know the most amazing places of the Hellenics! It is those same places that have, in themselves, a deep historical, literary, artistic and even philosophical load. Also, they represent the origins of our western culture . So, we cannot ignore so much beauty together in one nation. For this reason, we present a selection of the 5 tourist places in this country, for which you should travel to Greece.

Athens: The capital of the Greeks

Athens is one of the main reasons why you should travel to Greece. It is not only the capital of the Greek country. Also, it is a cultural representative for the world . If you are a history lover, you will be able to delight yourself with the enormous number of important places to visit. For example, you could visit the Areopagus, known worldwide as the “Hill of Ares.” Likewise, you would have the opportunity to see the majestic Doric temple, known as the Parthenon of Athens , which is located on the famous Acropolis.

Without a doubt, it is a wonderful place that not only encourages you to travel to Greece, but also to want to return. Besides the history, you can learn a little about his art. To achieve this, you must move to the restored Archaeological Museum of Athens . It contains some statues and works of art that are more than 2,000 years old. On the other hand, if you are in Athens you should visit the famous neighborhoods Pláka and Psyrrí. Places very visited by tourists throughout the year. Do not stop appreciating its beauty!

Decide viajar a Grecia

Learn about the background of the myth of the Minotaur and the beautiful Island of Crete …

This beautiful island is reason enough to want to travel to Greece on your vacation. Megalónisos, as the locals call it, means ” The Great Island ” in Spanish. It is undoubtedly one of the most visited tourist destinations by foreigners from all over the world. It has beaches of magnificent beauty, incomparable with any other place. Likewise, its nature, flora and vegetation also have unique beauty.

Crete is also known for its history and mythology . In it, historical events have arisen and this is reflected in its ancient temples. Crete is the cradle of Western-European civilization. From it, arise the famous ceramics belonging to the Minoan period . And from them, in turn, arise various myths, such as: the “Myth of the Labyrinth and the Minotaur.” So, go ahead and discover natural spaces, vegetation, fauna, history and myths in one place. The Island of Crete is a wonderful place, for which it is worth traveling to Greece.

Traveling to Greece is synonymous with enjoying the beauty of Zakynthos

If you want to spend a few days off and enjoy dream tourist destinations; you must know Zakynthos. This belongs to the group of Ionian islands off the eastern coasts of Greece. Of the same group of islands, Zakynthos is the most to the southern tip. Which makes this island have a climate relatively similar to that of the tropics . For this reason, it is the favorite place to travel to Greece on summer vacations.

Likewise, this island has other tourist attractions such as the cliffs, one more reason to travel to Greece. Some cliffs are totally rocky and represent part of the geography of the Aegean Sea. Of course, they are also part of the Mediterranean type of climate. For those who like ecological tourism and exploration , they can visit the northwest of the island. There they will find, the desolate rocks and the most fertile plains of the entire region of Ionian islands. In addition, from all that has been said, Zakynthos has one of the best attentions for foreigners and tourists.

Santorini and its incomparable beauty …

This small town is located on several volcanic crater cliffs . It should be noted that these volcanic craters are currently totally inactive. Some of these huge cliffs reach over 400 meters above the Aegean Sea. Which makes Santorini a popular tourist attraction. In other words, it is one of the most striking destinations for those who want to travel to Greece.

On the other hand, you have to recognize and highlight the architectural beauty found in Santorini. We speak of small chapels, churches, houses or residential complexes. We cannot deny the harmony of colors and spaces of all these places mentioned. In addition, Sontorini is characterized by being a town with one of the largest white wine cellars in Greece. So, this is also a perfect excuse to travel to Greece on vacation.

The island with the best nightlife in Greece: Rhodes

This is, among the Hellenic islands, known as one of the most popular in all of Greece . This is demonstrated by the great activity and nightlife in the green forests called “Falarakis”. These forests are very particular, since they have access to the sea and have a bay. Reasons enough to want to travel to Greece. In addition, its unique and hectic streets show us that you can opt for the best fun when night falls. Rhodes, in turn, has such surprising spaces that you can distract yourself and spend unforgettable nights.

Dare to explore each of the places that this famous island offers its visitors. On the one hand, the ancient architecture that you can find in Rhodes, dating from the 15th century BC and on the other, its active nightlife is unmatched. These places, without a doubt, are ideal for those who like archaeological tourism. On the other hand, the city, too, has medieval structures. Creating a contrast between two different eras, through which the island of Rhodes passed. So, if you plan to travel to Greece, here you have found enough reasons to do so. Don’t wait any longer and pack your bags!