What you should know if you like to drink and play sports

Most people love alcohol and of course it is a drink that refreshes and delivers several benefits if ingested moderately, however, let’s see what the studies reveal about its effects on our body at the time to play sports.

Two titans facing each other

Alcohol in excess can have a great negative impact on your body and damage your performance and strength if you are doing sports, even after you have recovered and are sober, the damage continues. People believe that alcohol cannot cause damage, so they drink without taking into account the deterioration they cause to their body, these damages do not show themselves from one day to the next, they are silent and gradually sprouting outwards, That is why you should know what are the damages that you are causing yourself by not drinking alcohol in a responsible way, when carrying out your exercise routine.

El deporte y el alcohol no son una buena combinación

You gain weight

Alcohol cannot be stored as energy in your muscles , because it is not a nutrient , and therefore it is stored in the form of fat , this decreases your ability to burn those fats.

You get dehydrated

Alcohol being a diuretic drink will make you go to the bathroom more times than you imagine, because your body needs to release toxins , if you think that drinking during your exercise is a good idea, you will only become even more dehydrated, causing even headaches and discomforts.

Alter your dream

Once you do sports, the best way to recover is to sleep, however alcohol can alter this process so necessary for post-exercise recovery, since it alters different phases of the sleep cycle.

You feel pain

Your muscles are not able to recover in an adequate way, since alcohol prolongs this process, due to the reduction of blood flow in them.

Do you feel tired

Alcohol interferes with the production of Adenosine Triphosphate Synthesis ( ATP ), which is a nucleotide of great importance for obtaining cellular energy , because it is a source of force that goes directly to the muscles.

Affects your liver

The effects of alcohol fall on your liver , since it causes a shortage of oxygen , in addition, fat accumulates in the molecules of this organ , this leads to inflammation of your liver , which can cause severe damage.

If you are going to do or are doing sports, it is preferable that you reduce your intake or put aside alcohol, since it causes severe damage that you can prevent ahead of time, if you like to show off an enviable figure, do it inside and out, your body will thank you.


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