What is Thrombocid for?

If there’s a known topical ointment for leg injuries or pain, that’s Thrombocid . It is one of the most common drugs in our day to day life and is almost always part of the pharmacy that we have in our home. But what is Thrombocid really good for?

In this article we are going to discover the most common uses for which we can use this ointment. And, to offer exhaustive and concise information, we have sought advice from the professionals at FarmaciasDirect.com , an online pharmacy that is managed by pharmacists and health professionals.

The uses of Thrombocid

Thrombocid is a type of drug that, as its name suggests, is used to treat thrombi. When we apply this topical ointment on the area you want to relieve, the product performs a thrombolytic action, that is, it dissolves clots or small thrombi that may have formed under the layers of the skin.

But, in addition to dissolving them, Thrombocid also acts preventively by improving blood flow and, thus, preventing the body from forming thrombi again.

If you want to know what Thrombocid is for, you have to bear in mind that there are two official uses:

  1. To reduce bruises or bruises on the body. If you have been bumped or fallen, you may have had a bruise on your body that is swollen and red. Thrombocid serves to alleviate this condition and that you can feel improvement quickly.
  2. To reduce tired legs or varicose veins on the skin. Another of the most frequent uses of Thrombocid is in the event that you suffer from tired legs or have varicose veins, especially in the legs. This drug promotes blood circulation and, therefore, will improve both conditions, thus promoting your health.

As you can see, Thrombocid is an ideal option if you want to treat bruises, pain or varicose veins on your legs. Thanks to its blood stimulation, this ointment is perfect to feel relief and less heaviness in the body.

How to use Thrombocid?

The composition of this drug is what helps us to alleviate the discomfort caused by blows or injuries that we may have on the skin. Specifically, you should know that each gram of Thrombocid has 5 mg of pentosan polysulfate sodium, a compound that helps us reduce the formation of thrombi and stimulate blood flow.

If you want to start using Thrombocid, you should know that its mode of use is very simple: you just have to apply the ointment on the area you want to treat and allow it to be completely absorbed into the skin. Do not overdo the amount used: with a thin layer of ointment there is enough; Also, avoid applying the cream to open wounds or ulcers.

This ointment can be used for 5 or 6 days until improvement is noticeable. In the event that, after this time, the discomfort does not lessen, it is time to contact a health professional to analyze the causes of its appearance.

Thrombocid can be used in children older than 1 year and in adults; minors of this age should not use it because, to this day, there are still no studies carried out on this social group.