They create an algae gel to heal herniated discs

A herniated disc is when the cushioning between vertebrae and vertebra wears, displaces or pinches, squeezing the nerves by the effect of gravity of the vertebrae between which it is located. It is a very acute ailment, although there are different types, depending on the injury. Currently there are many exercise tables to reduce pain, improve the situation and not lose mobility, however, there comes a point where it is insufferable and this is where seaweed appears.

An interesting study is being carried out where a seaweed gel is being implanted in damaged discs of the spine. At the moment it has only been tested in animals, but the study in humans is already beginning. There are 40 people in the trial and it is hoped that, if all goes well, it will be one of the new ways to nip back problems in the bud.

1 in 10 people have chronic back pain due to deviated discs . This type of situation is one of the most common pain in humans, according to the British Pain Society. Currently herniated discs are treated with exercise tables, rest, life without effort, physical therapy, medication, etc. In the worst case, there is surgery, but everything may change forever.

Seaweed at the service of health

Algas marinas para tratamiento de hernia discal

The intervertebral discs are a kind of pads with which we are born and they measure approximately 1.30 cm. They are present in the 24 vertebrae of our spine and when they deviate, wear out or are pinched, they create unbearable pain, which is why many people end up undergoing surgery to solve the problem. This intervention is called a cystectomy, and although this new method is much more effective, you still have to go through the operating room to get it implanted.

The new technique discovered by a group of researchers working at the Hokkaido University Hospital (Japan). There, dozens of experiments have been carried out where purified gel based on alginate found in seaweed has been injected. This gel hardens in less than 5 minutes and not only improves the patient’s health, but also allows the regeneration of disc tissue.

This cell regeneration is what is being studied, and it is believed that this happens because the cellular structure of the seaweed gel is similar to the pulp in the center of the intervertebral discs that humans have.

The idea is to submit patients to standard back surgery, remove the damaged disc and, in the gap between vertebrae and vertebra, introduce 2 ml of this gel based on seaweed . It takes 10 minutes to do the whole process.

The solutions we currently have are not a definitive solution, but so far, pain has been reduced in 42% of patients. However, this new method represents a turning point and the end of pain for thousands of patients around the world.