Ham, cheese and seafood, this will be the Christmas dinner

Aldi has carried out a study on the purchase of food for these Christmas dates in different regions of Spain and the results predict highly decorated tables with a wide variety of flavors and food groups. Ham, cheeses and some types of seafood are among the favorite options of the Spanish.

According to the Aldi study, it is estimated that 90% of Spanish families will allocate a larger budget for this type of Christmas dinner than on previous occasions. According to more specific data from this survey carried out by Aldi, 77% of those surveyed will maintain the same budget as during Christmas 2020 and only 13% are capable of increasing that budget.

It is estimated that 54% of the Spanish population will spend up to 300 euros to buy food for these Christmas lunches and dinners. It is a very high budget, given the situation of many families, but Christmas is a very special time to celebrate with family, friends, and gather all around a table.

Christmas dinner: a feast to eat

For years, at Christmas dinner there are always 3 food groups that are never missing. On the one hand, we have meats and sausages, be it turkey, lamb or veal chops, as well as loin and Iberian ham. On the other hand, we have dairy with different types of cheeses, from cured to cream cheese to spread. And finally, the seafood where prawns and prawns reign. Although in some places there are crayfish, lobsters, eels, octopus, each region is different.

So much so that, according to Aldi, ham will be present in 21% of Christmas dinners, lamb in 18%, cheeses of all kinds in 15% of lunches and dinners, broths, soups and the like in a 14% of Christmas parties and the famous nougat in 13% of homes.

Langostinospara la cena de Navidad

With regard to shellfish and fish, 52% of families will put shellfish and fish at Christmas lunches and dinners . Of all the fresh seafood options, prawns, prawns and crayfish win, which will have an approximate presence in 24% of households in Spain.

Andalusia wants ham and Madrid lamb

According to the study carried out by Aldi, Andalusia continues to bet on Iberian ham and it will be a dish that will be present in thousands of houses during Christmas dinner. Cheeses will also be the protagonists in one of the most magical nights of the year.

Ham and cheese will also be present at the Christmas dinner of 23% of Valencians. The Valencian Community also appears in this Aldi study as one of the ones that will consume the most nougat on such important dates.

However, Madrid, chooses lamb for Christmas dinner , or so 33% of those surveyed say. The locals will accompany your dinner with ham and cheeses. On the other hand, on the Costa Brava, Catalonia throws more traditions and will bet on soups, cannelloni, canapés and hors d’oeuvres.