The 6 best cities to go for tapas in Spain

Let’s face it: Spain is a somewhat decadent country in many respects. There is not much work, the salaries are shit, the educational system is not as good as it should be … These and other reasons make many people emigrate in search of a better future. But there is one thing that all expats agree on: they miss Spanish food more than their own mother. And especially, the tapas. In no other country in the world is it conceivable to eat free and in quantity with drinks, and that is why when foreigners come to our country they are amazed.

In all our towns and cities there are places where it is worth trying these delicious snacks that are part of our intangible heritage, so it would be impossible to mention them all. For this reason, we have selected those that, in our opinion (and after many years of coming and going around the Spanish geography filling our stomachs with good arguments) are the 6 best cities in Spain to go for tapas . There are more, and all full of good things: we know. But if you think that the tapas in your city exceed the ones on this list, tell us why in a comment.


Granada is the city that everyone thinks of when the word tapas is mentioned, and it is not by chance. Because when someone visits Granada, they don’t do it to sit in a restaurant to eat a menu of first, second and dessert. In Granada it is essential to enjoy what the locals call ” the real tapas “: you cannot talk about tapas when you have to pay for tapas, as happens in many other cities. But in Granada they have the best tapas in Spain and, of course, they are free. And whoever says tapa says an abundant platazo with high quality food and a unique flavor, not the sad fries, olives or nuts that try to sneak in tourists in many other cities.

There is a lot of offer that there is throughout all its neighborhoods in which it is the city of tapas par excellence: City Hall, Cathedral, Albaicín, Realejo, Plaza de Toros, La Chana, Pedro Antonio … Any area is good. All of Granada is full of bars and taverns to taste a very cool beer and its corresponding strong tapa for less than € 2 . Los Diamantes, Cervecería Ecu, Casa Martinete or Bodegas Castañeda are just some of the many bars where you can enjoy some good tapas from Granada.


Extremadura is one of those forgotten regions of Spain where it seems that there is nothing, but when discovered they have a lot to offer. Badajoz is a beautiful historic city that also offers high-quality tapas. In most bars they put a free tapa with a beer that costs 1.20 euros . The portions are copious: eggs with chorizo, local cheeses, etc. and there is an abundance of acorn-fed Iberian ham, a star product of the area. The Old Town, the Valdepasillas, San Roque and Santa María de la Cabeza neighborhoods have an interesting offer. Own names? The Plaza de España bar, the Bigote Tavern, the Santina Winery or the Callejón de la Plazuela are must-see references.


Leaving the Basque Country out of this list is as unfair as it is painful, but if we strictly adhere to the concept of tapa (a portion of food that is offered free with a drink), Pamplona represents the essence of Basque gastronomy better than any other city in the north. in terms of “pintxos”. The preparation of the pinchos is simply fantastic, the quality of the wines outstanding and the quality / price ratio perfect . Most of the best bars are in the center and in the Old Town, but without a doubt La Calle San Nicolás is the reference. There you will find bars such as Casa Otano, Baserri, La cocina de La Ramos and La Cocina Vasca bar, and you can try classic and traditional products such as chistorra, Piquillo peppers, and Santoña anchovies or innovative “pintxos” such as deer. with mushrooms and rosemary sauce.

Las 6 mejores ciudades de España para ir de tapas


León is another essential city for those who love tapas thanks to the charm of its old town and its quality tapas, free with a drink . In addition, thanks also to the abundance of quality products from the area (such as the wines and sausages of El Bierzo), it has recently been chosen as the Spanish Capital of Gastronomy 2018 in a ceremony held in Madrid. Some essential bars where you can try the delicious tapas of blood sausage, tiger mussels or potatoes with paprika are Miche, El Flechazo, La Bicha or El Garbanzo Negro. In terms of areas, the Barrio Húmedo, el Romántico and Eras have the best offer.


Three streets are enough to the Riojan capital to offer the best of leisure and gastronomy of its land. Between Laurel, San Juan and San Agustín streets you will find a bar every two meters, and any of them will be worth to you to enjoy delicious tapas accompanied by a quality wine . Such is the competition at the level of wines in the different places that the offer shoots up and you can take what is called ” The Path of the Elephants “, a tour of the more than 60 establishments on Laurel street after which you will probably finish something tipsy at least. To avoid this, don’t forget to eat your copious tapa of Rioja-style potatoes, lamb’s ears, croquettes, grilled mushrooms, etc. El Soriano, Bar Lorenzo, El Abuelo, El Cid, Juan y Pinchamé or Pata Negra are good places to start the route.

Santiago de Compostela

Everyone knows that Galician gastronomy is masterful, especially for lovers of seafood. And, for that same reason, their tapas could not be less. The raw material is of the best quality, the elaboration is spectacular and the price is very reasonable for being a coastal and tourist capital. A few meters from the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela and around the Plaza del Obradoiro there is an authentic festival of tapas bars such as O Gato Negro, Orella, O Dezaséis, Trafalgar. In them, locals, tourists and pilgrims mix and the best tapas of Galician gastronomy are served: empanadas, stews, raxo or zorza with potatoes, octopus a feira, mussels, cockles …