Tapas in Madrid: the best places to eat cheaply in the capital

When we think of tapas, cities like Granada almost always come to mind. We tend to forget that it is a custom that, despite being born in the south, has become a national heritage. And, being the capital, Madrid could not be left behind in offering free food with every drink. Because in addition to unforgettable corners and curious places, Madrid is also full of good bars to go for tapas … You just have to know where to find them. Next, we leave you a list of the best places to have tapas in Madrid so that you can eat cheaply whenever you go to the capital.

Tapas in the center

El Tigre cider houses

Probably the quintessential place for tapas in Madrid. Very typical and cozy, it is characterized by its cheap price and the abundance of its dishes. They serve you authentic, very varied servings accompanying what you decide to drink. The typical thing is beer, red wine and cider. The service is fast and the atmosphere is incredible, as it is full of students and foreigners, and the waiters are champions of good vibes. I will repeat without a doubt. They have several places due to their popularity, and it is generally customary to eat standing up. But it’s worth it: the cane and the red for € 2.50 include up to three different (giant) portions .

  • Addresses:
  • Calle de las Infantas, 30
  • Hortaleza Street, 23

The respite

Simple and busy neighborhood brewery that serves tapas, portions and dishes of Spanish home cooking. It is one of the best bars in central Madrid to have a quick drink, because they always put a good lid on you when you have a drink. Central, not very crowded and very Madrid. The waiters are very friendly and the price-quality ratio is unbeatable: with € 7.5 between two people you have a hearty dinner.

  • Address: Calle de las Infantas, 34

La Petisqueira

The perfect place to get some good tapas with a double beer at € 4 . The place is small and usually crowded due to its popularity, but the service is good and the value for money is better. Despite the influx of people, the service is fast. The tapas are abundant and very good so with a couple of rounds you are satisfied. They are famous for their hamburgers, they also make very rich octopus, and the meat is quite tasty and tender.

  • Address: Calle Churruca, 6

Tapas in Malasaña

The White Dove

La Blanca Paloma is a youth-friendly bar located in the Malasaña neighborhood. It serves beers and glasses with free food, such as its legendary fried egg tapa. Its main offer consists of a free serving for every two beers . The portions are so hearty that with a couple of rounds you are already eaten. It is ideal for informal dinner with friends before partying or for a cheap dinner at the end of the month if you only have a couple of euros left in your pocket.

  • Address: C / Espíritu Santo, 21

The Register

Another of the best places in Madrid to eat is known for having very cheap prices. They have good tapas and portions, the staff is friendly and attentive, and the portions are generous. In addition, they have very good quality meats. The beers (accompanied by tapas) are € 1.50 and the portions around € 8 . They also have interesting offers for small groups. It is recommended both to enjoy its menu of the day (two courses, drink coffee and dessert for € 10), as well as to enjoy some beers at its bar or on the terrace.

  • Address: C / San Bernardo, 56

Tapear en Madrid

Having tapas in the university area

Sierra Bar

Mythical bar of Madrid life known very well by university students and by everyone who likes tapas. There is no table service, but the waiters serve you quickly at the bar and in a matter of two minutes, you are served. Very good prices and very good appetizers with beer , which always comes well accompanied by authentic portions of croquettes, potatoes, sandwiches, etc. A 100% recommended site if you like beer, wine and a good appetizer of fritanga, paella or a variety of sausages.

  • Address: Calle de Galileo, 41

The flame

Busy neighborhood bar that serves tapas, portions and homemade dishes, it is another of the ‘mecas’ of the university palates par excellence. The reason? Food like home at affordable prices and generous portions at ridiculous prices. Sandwiches and tortillas are eaten as in few bars. The specialty for Wednesdays is grilled or well-cooked lacón, and the daily tortillas fly by the dozen around the premises. With each drink you get a good aperitif and the value for money is good.

  • Address: Avenida Reina Victoria, 37

El Cabañón Cider House

Another of the students’ favorite places to have a drink before going out to party. In El Cabañón you cannot have tapas in the strict sense of the word, since the portions are not included in the price of the drink. But the truth is that they are so cheap that it seems that you will eat for free, and for that reason it deserved to be on this list. The price-quality ratio is very good: portions, toasts and pizzas between € 5-7, while beer is € 1, doubles at € 1.50 and cubatas at € 2.50. Therefore, El Cabañon is a good option if you want to eat cheaply and go blind to drink cider or long drinks, and also to organize group dinners without having to scratch your pocket.

  • Address: Calle Altamirano, 16

Tapas in Ponzano

Alipio Ramos Tavern

Everyone who lives in Madrid (and even outsiders) is aware of the gastronomic boom that this street in the Chamberí neighborhood is experiencing. Populated with gastrobars and new establishments, it has become a pilgrimage place for all self-respecting “hipster” and “modern”. But between so much pijerío and novelty, there are still some of the old bars where it is possible to have tapas. The Alipio Ramos Tavern , open since 1916, is one of those places: A typical bar in one of Madrid’s fashionable streets. Specialized in Galician cuisine, the food is of good quality and the price is reasonable. Well drawn rods. Skewers and croquettes, blood sausage and jerky. Excellent potato omelette. Good atmosphere, varied and knowledgeable about what you are looking for: quality tapas in an emblematic place .

  • Address: Calle Ponzano, 30

Benito House

In the parallel street there is a well-known restaurant in the neighborhood but unknown to those who come to soak up the “Ponzano phenomenon”. This is Casa Benito, a restaurant specializing in grilled meats, rice and seafood. Your secret? They always serve a generous aperitif with the drink , and they also have a number of very cheap bar offers. For ten euros you can have two quite splendid portions (ranging from broken eggs to patatas bravas to croquettes).

  • Address: Calle Santa Engracia, corner of metro Iglesia