Should we eliminate dairy from our diet?

The reasons why people decide to eliminate dairy from their diet are as varied as the amount of milk substitutes that can be found on the market. But what does our body really gain or lose when we abandon dairy? In this article we tell you what milk (or its absence) really does to our body and what you can expect if you eliminate it from your diet. The final decision is always personal … Or your doctor.

4 reasons why you should consider eliminating dairy from your diet

Reduces the risk of cancer

A team of Swedish researchers found that drinking more than one glass of milk a day can double the risk of ovarian cancer, while a Harvard study found that men who consumed more than two daily servings of dairy had 34% more risk of developing prostate cancer than those who consumed less or no amount of dairy. Again, hormones in milk are possible culprits, as dairy products increase the amount of insulin in your blood, which could stimulate the growth of cancer cells.

You lose weight

Historically, there has been talk of the advantages of consuming dairy products due to its high calcium content, and the properties of skimmed milk were also pointed out as an ally in weight loss diets. This was due to the fact that, since milk is a protein and satiating food, in theory it helped not to snack between meals and favored weight loss. But recent research shows just the opposite: Eliminating dairy and meat from your diet is the best lifestyle for weight loss, according to scientists. Additionally, a meta study published by The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that there is no strong scientific evidence that consuming dairy products increases weight loss or even helps you maintain your weight. In fact, a study of more than 12,000 children found that the more milk they consumed, the more weight they gained.

Eliminar los lacteos

Improves skin

Drinking milk can be a trigger for acne, so eliminating dairy can help you avoid pimples . According to research from Dartmouth Medical School, milk contains hormones similar to human progesterone and testosterone, which can stimulate the sebaceous glands in the skin and contribute to the appearance of pimples. Therefore, if we stop consuming dairy, our skin will be less oily, and smoother, healthier and brighter.

Digestions are less heavy

About 65 percent of the population is lactose intolerant without knowing it. This gastrointestinal condition is that the body cannot easily digest lactose, which is a type of natural sugar in dairy. The reason: most people actually stop producing lactase, the enzyme required to digest dairy, in adulthood. Therefore, if we do not have this enzyme and we consume dairy products, our digestive system will not be prepared to process and digest them correctly , and we will have to face abdominal pain, burning and heavy digestion. If after meals you tend to suffer these symptoms, try eliminating dairy: perhaps the solution is simpler than you thought.