Milk thistle: how to take it to take advantage of its properties in your diet

There are many people who when talking about milk thistle do not know how to take it . We are talking about a plant that is also called milk thistle because its large leaves boast a kind of white veins. One of its most prominent ingredients is silymarin , which can be extracted from the seeds of milk thistle. For this reason, the latter is attributed antioxidant properties. It is a substance that is sold on the market in various ways . For example, in tablets or liquid extract. Among the reasons that exist when taking this ingredient is to treat liver conditions.

What is milk thistle used for?

Before talking about milk thistle and how to take it , let’s focus on the reasons that lead a person to bet on this plant.


According to research carried out, marian cardio would have the ability to lower blood glucose in people who have type 2 diabetes . However, it has also been concluded that more studies would be needed to ensure these properties.


Another of the properties that are given to milk thistle is that it could improve the symptoms of indigestion , as long as it is combined with other supplements.

Liver disease

There are many results that have been offered when investigating the effects of milk thistle in liver diseases , such as hepatitis C and cirrhosis. Thus, experts continue to study in order to ensure more consistent data on this topic. Now, the most positive results would invite people who suffer from this type of problem to bet on milk thistle .

cardo mariano como tomarlo

Milk thistle: how to take it

The first thing to note is that silymarin, that is, the biochemical component that stands out the most in this plant therapeutically speaking, is not soluble in water . Thus, in order to take full advantage of its hepatoprotective effects, it is recommended to take it in tincture or extract, that is, in tablets or capsules.

In the case of acute liver damage, it is best to take 400 mg of silymarin daily for six months . In the case that we are talking about capsules, the usual thing is to ingest between three and six pills a day , using a lot of water.

Recommended doses of milk thistle regarding its therapeutic use

Normally, average doses of extract are recommended as long as it has a percentage of seventy percent silymarin . This is usually achieved with 100 to 300 mg capsules. Now, you always have to take into account the goal you want to achieve by taking this substance. Therefore, we offer you the recommended figures depending on the therapeutic use that you want to give milk thistle :

  • In the event that you want to deal with respiratory allergies, you should take 140 mg of silymarin in three daily doses.
  • For digestive problems, it is recommended to take an infusion of the fruits of milk thistle, using a teaspoon of this last ingredient for each cup of water. The most advisable thing is to drink three glasses a day with this mixture.
  • If you want to activate blood circulation, then it is ideal to bet on milk thistle oil. The usual thing is to add twenty drops in the morning, twenty in the afternoon and twenty at night to a glass of water or juice.
cardo mariano como tomarlo

Side effects of milk thistle

So far it has been shown that if we know how to take milk thistle it is safe for our body , of course, as long as we follow the recommended doses. Now, if this ingredient is abused, some side effects can occur:

  • Skin itch
  • Gastrointestinal disorders, such as constipation, vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, or bloating
  • Headache

If you have diabetes, you need to take precautions before using milk thistle, even if you are clear about how to take it . The reason is that, as we have said before, it can lower blood glucose. Likewise, it has been concluded that it can also affect estrogen levels . Therefore, in the event that you suffer from uterine, breast, ovarian cancer, endometriosis or uterine fibroids, it is best to avoid the consumption of this plant.

In addition to all of the above, it must be taken into account that milk thistle can cause allergic reactions, even serious ones . This occurs especially in people who are allergic to other plants that belong to the Asteraceae family, including daisy, ragweed, chrysanthemum and calendula. Therefore, in the event that you find yourself in this situation, it is best that you take all possible precautions when betting on milk thistle .