Giving birth at sea is not as safe as it seems

Giving birth at sea is the latest fashion among mothers who want a free birth. Although until recently childbirth was claimed in the water of a swimming pool, the most liberal want to feel the freedom of nature. The problem? The little security.

Raggapunzel has created a stir after sharing videos of her giving birth to her son in the Pacific Ocean. She decided to give birth in the sea of Playa Majagual in Nicaragua. In what is considered a “free birth”, the woman gave birth to her baby without medical assistance and did not undergo any ultrasound during her pregnancy. This raises the risk of a complicated birth, both for the baby and for the mother.

problems with the waves

This woman got this idea into her head to give birth in the ocean. She says that for weeks she controlled the tide, and when the time was right to give birth, she knew the beach would be safe. He explained how the waves had the same rhythm as the contractions and that smooth flow made him feel great.

However, even if the tides are studied for weeks, the sea is unpredictable. So there is a chance that the mother will drown or be swept away . Just like when the baby is born, it can also be swept away by the current. Also, the presence of salt in the water could be very harmful to a young baby if they ingest it. Even if the water temperature is not warm enough, the baby could become hypothermic .

In short, the best place to have a water birth, if you really want one, is in a safe, sterile environment with a medical professional by your side.

parir en el mar

unsafe delivery

When she found out she was going into labor, her children went to live with some friends. Her partner, on the other hand, took her to the beach with a birthing kit. This included towels, a container with a sieve to catch the placenta, gauze pads, and paper pads.

His son has been named Bodhi Love Ocean Cornelius. The mother already has seven children with her husband. Recalling her first childbirth experience, she said: “ My first birth was traumatic in a clinic and my second birth was at home, but for the third, even a midwife in my home was too much. We didn’t have a due date or a deadline for the baby to arrive, we just trusted that our baby would make it through .”

However, although this mother defends giving birth at sea, experts say that it is not a safe practice. The baby is exposed to swallowing salt water or having the holes plugged with sand. Similarly, although seawater is said to be antiseptic, there are many microorganisms that can enter the mother’s vagina during childbirth.