Family cruises: vacations at sea for young and old

If you are looking for a family vacation that allows you to know many different places and relax at the same time without your children getting bored, family cruises are the best solution for you . Regardless of what the destination really is, almost all the major companies cruise ships have boats specially equipped to keep children happy and those who are not so happy. Still don’t have a plan for the next vacation? Dare to sail the seas with your loved ones, in search of relaxation, fun, good food and special moments to remember as a family.

What is cruise travel like?

A cruise ship is a huge and luxurious floating resort, a majestic ship with all the comforts you can imagine – and many others that, surely, you can’t even imagine. In family cruises, everything is designed so that you can enjoy a complete experience with your family in which there is room for activities for all tastes.

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When it comes to accommodation, family cruises offer you the same services as a five-star hotel , including spacious suites with capacity for up to 5 people. The cabins, including the most economical ones, are designed so that you enjoy maximum comfort and all the services. Food on a cruise ship is delightful and almost a sin. From the breakfast buffets to the gala dinners, passing through the many services of sweets and snacks between meals . Whatever you like or if you like to try everything, on a cruise you can eat all day and all day eating well. So forget about the diet until you return and enjoy … Or give yourself a good gym session every day, as all cruises have very complete facilities.

The cruises for families, perfect for traveling with children

It’s not that taking your kids on a cruise is a good idea – it’s just that it’s a great idea! As soon as you give them the news, you will see the illusion in their eyes because it will be a different vacation that they will never forget. Once they hit the ship, it will be like releasing them in a specially designed theme park for fun. All ships have outdoor pools , and most of them also have heated pools and hot tubs.

In addition, higher quality family cruises may also include their own water parks and an entertainment service and games for children. These are usually children’s clubs where children of all nationalities play and interact. They also separate by age groups to give them exactly what they want, depending on how old they are. Specialized monitors accompany them throughout the day and propose different games and adventures so that the hours fly by. And, if this doesn’t seem like enough, there are also cinema sessions, dancing, karaoke, arcade room with video games and much more. They will like it so much, that the only bad thing will be having to say goodbye.

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Fun for adults, also guaranteed

We love to see our children enjoy themselves and we are happy sharing their moments of joy. But sometimes it takes a bit of adult fun too, right? As long as they are happy, entertained, and well cared for, it’s your time to do whatever you want. Do you fancy an afternoon of shopping with tax-free prices ? Done. Do you want a relaxing massage or a spa session ? Ready. A time at the gym or sunbathe, lie down to read or go for a walk, have a cocktail on deck at sunset, go to the hairdresser to get dressed up for dinner … Whatever you want to do during the day, you can do it on a cruise. And in the evening, after dinner and when the children are in bed, you can dance until dawn in the disco or enjoy a drink on the deck watching the stars.

How to make a cruise within reach of almost every budget

Currently the offer of cruises for families is so great and there is so much competition, that it is possible to find very good opportunities at any time of the year. There are several simple tricks to finding the cruise that best suits your budget. But the essential thing is to always book well in advance.

To find cruises for the whole family at a good price, dates are a very important factor. If you have the opportunity to take a week of vacation in spring or autumn, you are in luck because the prices for these seasons are more affordable and all companies launch very good offers. For example, children under 12 years old travel for free or have discounts above 40% is common outside of the high season. The trick to succeed in spring or autumn is to choose a destination where you guarantee yourself a good time on the journey and thus be able to enjoy all the advantages of the boat. The southern Mediterranean or the Canary Islands are perfect options.

Another smart option is to book an inside stateroom. The price of the cabins depends on the size, the floor and the view. It is true that having a balcony in your room is a wonderful luxury, but if you are on a tight budget, do not hesitate to opt for an inside cabin. You have to appreciate that you are hardly going to spend time in the cabin. You will go to sleep and the rest of the day you will be enjoying everything the cruise has to offer. They are the smallest, but their size is sufficient and the savings are considerable.

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Save on excursions

So that the price does not skyrocket, you have to choose carefully which excursions to do. The excursions offered on the cruise itself are usually quite expensive, although they are very complete . And, although the boat is wonderful and worth staying to enjoy, it is also profitable to visit the cities where it stops because it allows you to see many different sites in one go. In addition, to enjoy the boat there are the sailing days, in which there is no possibility of going anywhere.
For this reason, a good option to take a good overview of the cities that are visited in the itineraries of family cruises at a very good price are free tours. These guided tours usually last about three hours and teach you the most interesting points of the city and tell you the history of the place. And what is better: they are very cheap , since they do not have a fixed price established and each one pays what they want depending on how much or how little they liked the tour. These free tours are established in all the major capitals of the world, and you can find them in most cities where the Mediterranean, Adriatic or Baltic cruises stop: Malaga, Barcelona, Rome, Athens, Rhodes, Turkey, Stockholm, Helsinki, Copenhagen, etc.