5 tips to make a long flight more comfortable

When taking a trip, whether for business or vacation, we always want it to be as pleasant as possible. Especially if it is a trip that requires many hours of flight or long waits at the airport. These factors can generate fatigue, stress and even bodily ailments, which can increase as the days go by. Today in Lugarnia we offer you some tips to make a long flight more comfortable and enjoyable .

In general, long or transoceanic flights take a number of hours in an airplane. Which can generate some discomfort to passengers who are not used to doing them. Many of them may even suffer from nerves or phobias that lead them to avoid this type of trip.

Find out how to make a long flight more comfortable

1.- Choose your seat well

You can choose the seats before boarding the plane. Even when purchasing the ticket, on some airlines, you can decide where to sit without increasing the cost of your ticket . There are seats on the plane that are more comfortable than others thanks to their location. For example, if you want to stretch your legs, the first place, those located in the hallway and in the emergency exits are ideal. Avoid sitting near the toilets, as this area will have more movement of people and consequently more noise.

2.- Enjoy the entertainment options

entretenimiento a bordo

Many airlines have various entertainment options on board; use them to shorten your flight hours. It is also a good alternative to download music , ebooks or a movie on your mobile or tablet to entertain yourself during those hours of inactivity. Bringing something you like and entertain you on the trip will relax you and help make a long flight more comfortable.

3.- Take what you need in your carry-on suitcase

Minimizing and optimizing our hand luggage is essential for a comfortable trip . Carrying only what is necessary will prevent setbacks at checkpoints in the first place. It will also make it easier for you to get an item in the compartments of the suitcase. Never forget to include in it the medicines you require, a personal hygiene item or a travel pillow.

4.- Maintain an adequate diet

It is important that when embarking on a long trip you take care of your diet before and during the flight. Avoid heavy meals that can cause stomach upset. It is possible that during the flight, due to the air conditions inside the plane, your skin becomes dry. That is why it is advisable to avoid alcoholic beverages, tea or coffee , they tend to dehydrate you. Eat lightly 24 hours before the flight and choose the menu that you like best on board, avoiding excesses.

5.- Rest

To make a long flight more comfortable it is advisable to sleep and rest. If you bring the travel pillow, you can place it on the tray that unfolds in front, and lean from there to rest. If you are going to the side of the window, you can support it on that side. However, if you choose to recline the seat back, do so completely, leaving it halfway can cause discomfort in the spine.