Discovering the coastal route of Andrín in Asturias

If there is an area in Spain that you cannot miss, it is the Andrín coastal route . The town of Andrín is located in the Principality of Asturias, occupying a small part of the beautiful Asturian coastline and the Cantabrian Sea.

If you decide to travel to this town, you should know that, both in this same place and in its surroundings, you are going to find dreamlike landscapes. For this reason, it is a tourist destination that conquers all its visitors, since they are impressed by each of the corners of the place, its landscapes and its people.

What to see in Andrín?

Among the places of interest in the municipality are the Church of San Juan Bautista , a parish building dating from the late nineteenth century; and the Chapel of Our Lady of Andrín, a work from the 15th and 16th centuries.

You can also visit the church of San Antolín de Bedón, a work dating from the 12th century, in a Romanesque style; the area of La Boriza, in Niembro; and the Protected Landscape of the Eastern Coast .

Coastal routes from Andrín

There are many coastal routes that we can visit from Andrín. We are going to describe some of them below.

Route to Gates of Vidiago

Among the coastal routes of Andrín is the one that can take us to Puertas de Vidiago . Through it, we will not only enjoy the Cantabrian Sea and the Purón River, which is surrounded by nature, but we will also be able to visit the Arenillas jesters .

Jesters of Arenillas

ruta costera de Andrín

Jesters are cracks and open chimneys in the rock of the cliffs . They are connected to sea chasms through which the waves of the sea push the water with great force. In this way, they form water spray jets visible from the outside on the surface and can reach more than twenty meters in height.

Specifically, the Arenillas Jester is so called because it has deposits of gravel and sand in the jester’s mouth. It is a gift of nature for the senses of sight and hearing.

To Pendueles

The approximate duration of this route is 4 hours , with a total journey of 18 kilometers . If you do it, you will witness landscapes full of farms, meadows and cattle. Of course, at all times you can enjoy the smell of salt mixed with that of the grass of the field.

To La Tejera

The distance traveled to La Tejera is approximately 4 kilometers . If you do it, you will cross the mountain and agricultural roads, it will be an adventure. You will be able to enjoy the cliffs, the landscapes and the breeze that they give away. In addition, we can find calm in the Mirador de la Boriza .

Boriza viewpoint

It is one of the most unknown points in the Llanes area, which is why it is also such a special place. Through it we can have a general view of the coast of this Asturian town . If you have the opportunity, do not hesitate to enjoy this magical place.

Rural Houses in Andrín

Of course, if we want to visit the Andrín coastal route, it is appropriate that we look for a nice place to rest and spend the nights that we plan to stay in the area. Therefore, it is advisable to look for rural houses in the municipality.

Rural houses in Ruralia

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Renting a rural house in Andrín will offer you multiple advantages. For example, all of them are perfectly equipped with everything you might need, less than five minutes from Llanes.