Can the process of braces be accelerated?

Having braces is not a dish of good taste for anyone, it is also a technique that can be used both in pre-adolescence and adolescence, as well as in adulthood. Honestly, there is no age limit for wearing braces, except for clear logic. Braces not only improve us aesthetically, but also improve other important aspects such as bite and even the ability to speak and vocalize. A braces treatment can range from 3 months to several years. Let’s see how we can speed up that process.

Wearing braces has been normal for decades. Many teenage boys use it to show off a perfect smile in adulthood, although it is a treatment that has no age. Many adults become concerned about their oral health and physical appearance and decide to visit the dentist to begin orthodontic treatment. The truth is that it will be the specialist who indicates what type of treatment, what type of orthodontics and the estimated time.

Throughout this text, we are going to see what actions make our braces treatment delay even more, and what actions help it to be faster and remove them sooner. We already say that each case is a world. There are very simple treatments where you only have to move 2 or 3 teeth, and there are treatments where you have to put an entire mouth in order. Due to each complexity, so will be the duration of treatment. It is important to go to an orthodontic specialist, with a good reputation and years of experience.

Actions that delay the duration

There are a number of actions that people with no braces experience or lack of knowledge can take without realizing that they are delaying the process. They are accessions that we can consider stupid and that do not affect, but they do affect and can make a difference for several months.

For example, eating very hard things, or pulling with the teeth. We believe that by having braces we have freedom, and it is not like that. A fuet is something hard, nuts, sandwiches, steaks, sweets, etc. They are foods that we should not consume, at least not very often and not with the front teeth but rather take the food directly to the back teeth.

Anything that involves biting your nails, chewing on pens, opening packages with your mouth, etc. it will cause our orthodontic treatment to be delayed several weeks and even months. So we have to be very careful with what we do or our children do.

Another of the actions that we sometimes do without thinking about the consequences is manipulating the brackets, especially trying to pull them out or touch the wires that join bracket to bracket. All that time that is lost when a square falls or a wire breaks, is time that is not recovered, but added to the treatment.

Carbonated drinks are not good allies for orthodontics, since they can damage our teeth, and even the braces if they are of low quality. All this will mean small delays in treatment.

If we see that after 3 or 4 days the discomfort continues and we cannot chew, we must go to the dentist, since there could be a misplaced bracket or an internal blockage between teeth. The first days and after each squeeze, it is recommended to eat things that are very easy to chew, almost liquid, to avoid that extreme pain that is sometimes felt.

Un niño con brackets

Actions speed up treatment

Now we go to the shore that interests us, and that is that there are a series of actions that help orthodontic treatment to be faster. They are very simple things that, of course, can only be achieved by experience and by asking the specialists for any doubts.

Keeping your mouth clean is key. It sounds silly, but it’s super important. When you have orthodontics, brushing after each meal is recommended, in addition to using the special brush between brackets and an alcohol-free antibacterial mouthwash (only once a day). This thorough cleaning several times a day helps in the process avoiding gum disease, hardening teeth, preventing cavities and other oral problems.

Using an electronic toothbrush at least once a day for 10 to 15 minutes can help maintain proper oral hygiene. In addition, there are special heads for orthodontics, which will help us reach every corner of each tooth.

Another key thing is to attend appointments where orthodontic touch-ups are performed. It is a very simple action if it helps the treatment. The longer we delay each appointment, the later the braces will be removed.

Be careful with what we eat, you can eat hard things, but you have to do it with caution, always taking it to the back of the mouth, avoiding pulling and straining with your teeth. If any food gets stuck between the brackets, do not try to remove it with your nails, nor force the wire. If we see that it does not come out with brushing, it will be time to make an express visit to the dentist.


Here are some important tips to keep in mind during orthodontic treatment, whether we are teenagers or adults, whether it is our first braces treatment or not. These are basic tips that all dentists will tell us and to which we must always take account.

  • Have very good oral hygiene.
  • Do not touch the brackets or the wires.
  • Don’t jerk.
  • Do not eat anything sticky or hard.
  • Go to appointments.
  • Do not manipulate orthodontics.
  • Do not place rubber bands or other utensils without the supervision of a specialist.
  • Do not use aggressive rinses.
  • Do not bear the pain for more than 3 days.
  • Do not let our children or pets interact with orthodontics.
  • Do not chew hard and strong out of boredom.
  • Avoid bruxism.
  • Do not insert objects into the mouth such as pens.
  • Do not bite fabrics or the like that could get caught in the wires.
  • Do not eat in small bites, but take the food to the bottom of the mouth or to the teeth.
  • The first days consume very soft foods, easy to chew or liquids so as not to suffer the consequences.