4 types of tea that will help you burn more fat

A hot, steaming cup of tea makes the simplest things in life like relaxing on the couch or reading a book seem even more relaxing. However, while the tea is a calming infusion, it is also modestly strong. In fact, some herbal teas can help you stop eating, others can help you burn calories, while other varieties are so powerful that they can help you burn even more fat.

Although it may seem like the preview of a magic slimming pill ad, it cannot be argued with science. Tea has long been used to burn fat . In addition, having a cup of tea a day can help you prevent various diseases

So sit down, start drinking, and discover here the 4 best teas for burning fat and losing weight .

4 tipos de té que te ayudarán a quemar grasa

The 4 Best Fat Burning Teas

1. White Tea

White tea has 4 different ways to help us burn fat and melt that annoying flaccidity. According to different studies, this infusion has fabulous effects when it comes to reducing weight, since it is a natural fat burner in charge of intervening in the absorption of adipose accumulations. In turn, it blocks the formation of new fat cells while increasing lipolysis (the body’s natural process for breaking down stored fats).

Other research claims that white tea is also a rich source of catechins , a type of antioxidant that triggers the release of fat from cells and helps speed up the liver’s ability to convert fat into energy.

Therefore, consuming white tea not only helps us reduce those extra kilos, but also helps the body control problems such as cholesterol and triglycerides. In addition, thanks to its great antioxidant powers, it is an essential and ideal part of a diet.

Los 4 mejores tés para quemar grasa

2. Barberry tea

If you are used to drinking weight loss teas, then you are going to love barberry tea .

The bark of the fruit and the root of the barberry bush contain berberine , a yellow pigment with a somewhat bitter taste, but which has long been used in traditional Chinese medicine for its fat-burning and satiating effect.

According to a study carried out by Chinese researchers, it has been found that berberine has the ability to burn abdominal fat and thus prevent weight gain, especially if your diet is rich in fat.

Previous studies claim that barberry tea also has the ability to increase energy expenditure and thus help reduce the number of receptors on the surface of fat cells, thereby increasing fat burning. Another good reason to add one more cup of tea to our diet.

Los mejores tés quemagrasas

3. Roiboos tea

This naturally sweet red tea made from the leaves of the rooibos bush is a powerful fat burner .

According to South African researchers, the polyphenols and flavonoids found in the rooibos plant inhibit adipogenesis (the formation of new fat cells) by up to 22 percent. Therefore, this is the ideal infusion to help us burn those grams of fat that cling to our midsection.

Apart from these general benefits, Rooibos tea is very useful because it helps you improve and increase cellular and digestive metabolism due to its antioxidant capacity, as well as having diuretic properties, which helps you reduce excess fluid retention.

Los mejores tés para quemar grasa

Pu-erh tea

This fermented Chinese tea is very popular to help lose weight, as a group of Chinese scientists verified how hundreds of rats that were given this tea to drink managed to lose weight without having to run on a huge spinning wheel. In fact, it helped those rats that followed a high-fat diet the most, so it could be the miracle tea for those people who do not follow diets and do not follow a healthy diet.

Although drinking this type of tea might have slightly different results in humans, we think these findings are promising enough that a cup of this wonderful hot tea is still worth a try.

4 tés que te ayudaran a quemar más grasa


Teas have a variety of properties that can help us lose weight quickly, as long as we also follow a proper diet. Some of these infusions have recognized fat-burning , diuretic or anxiolytic effects, and that is why they are good allies when losing kilos.

Taking any of these fat burning teas , you will lose weight without even realizing it, and if you are already doing a complementary diet and physical exercise, the only thing you will need is one of these teas to obtain the effectiveness you were looking for.


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