Why do you need to have a mobile lens during your travels?

Surely at some time, while traveling, you have had a 100% authentic photo in your sights that you have not been able to capture with enough clarity with the standard camera of your smartphone . These things happen; perhaps that is why it is so advisable to have a lens for your mobile that guarantees flawless photos, even from a long distance.

The possibility of adjusting the focal length and aperture will allow you to bring out your most creative side and get snapshots full of creativity. And most importantly, with a professional quality level. In this way you can complete the functionalities of your phone.

Advantages of having a mobile lens

Carrying a lens with you will allow you to turn your phone into a professional camera in a matter of seconds:

Forget about carrying a reflex for a whole month and then using it for a couple of afternoons. Their showiness makes them bad allies during the endless days of tourism. The best photos always appear by chance; better to be prepared at all times.

Go from shot to mateur to professional . If you are one of those who are always shooting from your mobile, an objective will allow you to go to the next level and improve the snapshots you record around the world.

Its price is affordable . Compared to professional camera lenses, mobile-specific ones are more reasonably priced.

Universality . Most mobile lenses are compatible with almost all phones, so if you change your terminal, you will not have to change the accessories as well.

Small size . Despite the incredible results they provide, they are not too bulky and neither is their fit system. This usually consists of a clamp.

Hombre al atardecer

To consider

Although there are many advantages associated with having this class of gadgets , the price of the lens will have a significant influence on the final quality of the results. Obviously, you can’t expect the same return from a € 10 target as a € 200 target.

Main options on the market

In the market you can find different very interesting kits , although the most prominent types of lenses to list are the following.


These types of accessories allow us to increase the subject to be photographed, obtaining large-format photos.


The main characteristic of telephoto lenses is that they allow you to get much closer to the object than the zoom of your mobile phone would allow you. Long distance shooting can be done without compromising photo quality.

Wide angle

They facilitate a wider viewing angle. In other words, you can include more items in your snapshots and increase the scope of your snapshots. They are ideal for complex compositions and landscapes.

Fish eye

Thanks to fisheye lenses, you can integrate more elements into the composition and also achieve a distinctive creative effect.

In short, there are many options available, although some packs include several lenses for the mobile with different characteristics. In this way, it is possible to be prepared at any time , whatever the circumstances of the photograph to be taken.

The best offers we have found to buy a lens for your mobile and take it on your trips