What is the Tabata method? We explain its benefits and how it is done

To this day, you still don’t know what Tabata is ? It is a sports method in which an interval exercise is carried out that is characterized by being of high intensity . In addition, for it to be carried out correctly, it must be done in a very short period of time. Although it is a novelty in the world of training, there are already many people who have opted for it to keep fit and strengthen their health.

The Tabata method was installed among us a few decades ago, but it is true that its benefits have already been proven, and these are very numerous. Of course, when betting on this training it is necessary to take into account some indications and also be careful when doing it.

What is Tabata?

It is normal, today, to continue wondering what Tabata is . The answer is very simple. It is an interval training that presumes to be of high intensity . It was created in 1996 by Dr. Izumi Tabata. He was a researcher at the National Institute of Health and Nutrition in Japan. In this way, his investigations gave him the opportunity to create the Tabata method , although he applied it to the then Japanese speed skating team.

Thus, in this grouping he analyzed the effect of including short burst rotations that were developed with maximum effort for a few seconds . For this reason, he proposed a method in which series of very short time, twenty seconds, and very intense, allowing only a rest of ten seconds, were performed. Thus, until carrying out eight exercises .

The distribution of the Tabata method ended up being the following after several studies:

  • Perform a series of twenty seconds of a specific exercise at the maximum intensity possible. In it, you should try to achieve as many repetitions as possible.
  • Finished the above, a break of ten seconds is carried out.
  • After the break, another series of twenty seconds is performed, with the maximum possible intensity and, again, trying to reach the highest number of repetitions that can be developed in this time.
  • After the previous step, rest another ten seconds .
  • All of the above is repeated until the exercise has been performed eight times . Therefore, the total time in which the exercise will be performed will be four minutes.

Doing an analysis of the structure, it is easy to conclude that we are carrying out training that falls within the definition of high-intensity interval training or HIIT . These are increasingly in demand in gyms and other sports centers due to their effectiveness. Of course, you have to train hard, since it requires great resistance.

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Benefits of Tabata

In addition to knowing what Tabata is, it is essential to know what its benefits are to understand whether we can adapt to it or not, and if it suits us taking into account our physical characteristics, our resistance and our goals. You have to know that the strongest points of this training is that it improves aerobic capacity and physical condition . It also has other factors, such as helping to lose body fat more easily. However, there are many advantages that the Tabata method offers.

maximum intensity work

One of the most outstanding possibilities of the Tabata method is that it gives the opportunity to do effective work in just four minutes . For this reason, it is perfect for those who hardly have time to train and still want to see results in their body.

A quality fat burner

One of the main reasons why a person wants to bet on the Tabata method is because it is an efficient fat burner . In just four minutes, a large amount of body fat is burned due to its intensity. There are many studies that exist today that have compared the caloric expenditure that occurs in the Tabata method with that which takes place in a cardiovascular training session of twenty minutes at a moderate intensity.

Method Efficiency

If Tabata is characterized by something, it is for being a very efficient method . So much so that in a few weeks great results are already noticeable, although the period in which the exercises are carried out is four minutes.

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versatile training

When we talk about this training, we have to emphasize that it is very versatile . The reason is that this method only determines its dynamics and structure, while the exercises are left to our choice or, in the case of having a personal trainer, the one chosen by them.

Different levels

The Tabata method allows for improvements at both the anaerobic and aerobic levels .

rapid weight loss

As we have said before, this training gives the opportunity to burn fat in a simple way . For this reason, taking into account the increase in metabolism and the high caloric expenditure that develops, we will notice the weight loss right away.

Generates a greater number of enzymes

This type of training also causes a greater number of enzymes to be generated in the body . Their function is to convert lactic acid into pyruvic acid and vice versa. For this reason, lactic acid leaves the muscle before , which would generate less discomfort in the body after making any type of effort.

Increases insulin sensitivity

In addition to all of the above, the Tabata method also allows you to increase insulin sensitivity . For this reason, the muscle has the ability to capture glucose more easily. Likewise, this fact also causes that it does not accumulate in the form of fat and remains free in the blood.

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Contraindications of the Tabata method

As we have just seen, the Tabata method offers many benefits for the body and in a short time . However, it is not made for all types of people, since it also has some contraindications, which are the following:

  • The Tabata method is not recommended for those who are not used to such intense sports activity . In this way, beginners or people who do not constantly perform aerobic exercise should not bet on this type of training.
  • Those people who have vascular or cardiac problems , such as high cholesterol, hypertension or any other heart disease, should also refrain from practicing this method.
  • Pregnant women should also not opt for this type of training.
  • People who follow a low-calorie diet are also not ready for the Tabata method. The reason is that it is possible that when practicing it they suffer loss of consciousness or dizziness due to hypoglycemia.
  • Those who suffer joint injuries should not carry out this type of intense exercise. The reason is that by having to do the maximum number of repetitions possible, the joints are going to suffer a lot.

Before getting down to work we must not forget the high demand that this method requires in each training session . You have to give the maximum of each one in a very short time to see results. Therefore, it is not suitable for all people and you have to know how to assume certain limitations.