This is the Olympic diet of Ana Peleteiro

Ana Peleteiro, the Galician athlete who represents Spain in the women’s triple jump modality, has noticed a big change in her performance since she changed her diet. In fact, correcting the diet has led to it being proclaimed a bronze medal at the Tokyo Olympics.

The record holder was left on the verge of participating in the Rio Olympics in 2016, so she decided to change the food she ate to perform and improve her brands. We are what we eat, and the key is to banish processed products and bet on fresh and quality food. Ana emphasizes the importance of diet, comparing food with gasoline. All foods provide energy, but not of the same quality.

Less pizzas and more fish

Ana Peleteiro was clear about it and wanted to start eating well. His priority was to add more seafood, natural, and leave out processed foods. Without a doubt, this gives a change in health and provides a greater amount of energy. The athlete recognized that pizza was her favorite dish before competing in the open air, but she was unlucky enough to get intoxicated with some of the ingredients and she preferred never to eat it again.

On the other hand, we have heard her talk about the supposed benefits for the muscles of drinking beer to recover from the effort. Although this statement is more than dismissed due to the contribution of alcohol found in a cane, Ana is not shy about defending her habitual consumption, although controlled. What we do agree on is that seafood and eating fish regularly is a great choice to stay healthy. However, you have to know how to choose the right shellfish to avoid poisoning or allergic reactions.

But it is not only the dedication of the diet that matters. Her coach is aware of the sacrifices Ana Peleteiro makes, such as not eating carbohydrates all summer to perform better and have more strength. However, the psychological factor can have a negative influence. Therefore, it is important to rest properly. In Ana’s case, she trains for about three to four hours a day, so she has to get 10 hours of sleep each night. This means that you cannot afford to party or go to bars, even though it should be the norm for young people your age.

ana peleteiro bebiendo leche

Ana Peleteiro recovers electrolytes with dairy

In this year of pandemic, the Galician athlete has discovered that she is intolerant to gluten and her training was reduced to the garage of her house. These have been difficult times for professional athletes, although it seems that normality is slowly recovering again.

Ana’s Olympic diet is also referenced by dairy consumption. Since she is an ambassador for the Galician brand Únicla, the athlete assures that the electrolytes contained in dairy products help maintain a good level of hydration. In addition, the contribution of proteins benefits the increase of muscle mass and the vitamins help the absorption of calcium, which helps to strengthen bones and muscles.