The best foods to strengthen hair and nails

In the following lines we are going to talk about the most popular foods to strengthen hair and nails . Yes, yes, apart from external care, food is the basis of the health of these parts of the body so involved in the aesthetic compendium that we are trying to achieve. Seen in this way, the best thing you can do is follow our advice from your next meal if you want to show off your hair this season, and nails of scandal.

All the big changes in our body occur at the cellular level. In this way, diet, which defines, to a certain degree, our organic composition, can be the main source of beauty that you have at your fingertips.

It should be noted that, in the same way, poor nutrition can be the cause of premature hair loss or the appearance of microfractures in the nails. We are what we eat , there is no doubt, and also how we take life. So accompany good food with an active lifestyle, and spare no effort to eliminate the stress that hurts us so much at all levels.

What are the most recommended foods to strengthen hair and nails?

Before going fully into our presentation, it is convenient to relate the origin of the relationship between these two elements of our body (for the case at hand). The reason why the foods that favor the strengthening of the hair are the same that benefit the health of the nails is keratin, a compound present in both cases.

That said, it is logical to accept that the nutrients indicated for hair are the same as for nails. Let’s see what these foods are and how they can help you improve your appearance.



From broccoli to cabbage to cauliflower, these types of foods are a rich source of beta-carotene and vitamin C, two of the basic ingredients of collagen. They also contain sulfur, a compound that prevents nails and hair from weakening.


Being very rich in zinc , it is a staple food for maintaining healthy hair, whose growth can slow down as a result of a shortage of zinc. In the case of nails, this deficit can cause the appearance of white spots.

Likewise, shellfish is a source of cobalamin (vitamin B12), with anti-dryness and anti-hair loss properties.



In addition to fatty acids, proteins, vitamins (A, D) and antioxidants, it provides biotin (vit. B8), which is involved in the production of keratin, a vital protein substance for hair, as mentioned, and therefore, for nails. .

Lean meats

Either tenderloin, or pork tenderloin; also white meats such as turkey, chicken or rabbit, provide complete proteins, a source of essential amino acids to promote the regeneration of hair and nails . In the same way, they help to increase the rate of growth.

Keratin requires amino acids from proteins to be generated regularly enough. Treatments based on this substance try to compensate for its lack of production, caused by a low protein regime.


Especially those rich in vitamins of group E and B , highly valued for their antioxidant effect. The regular intake of nuts helps maintain shinier and healthier hair. On the other hand, selenium , which is present in nuts, prevents nail and hair loss.



Rich in proteins and vitamin D, two elements that intervene in a positive way so that the hair grows strong and healthy, it also contains Omega 3 fatty acids , which are very decisive in the strength of nails and hair.

It is proven that the hair and nail follicles are made up of these types of acids, which are abundant in the scalp to keep it hydrated and free of dandruff.

If you don’t like salmon, you can eat sardines, trout, herring, or mackerel. Avocado, pumpkin seeds, and walnuts are good alternatives.

Lentils and legumes in general

Lentils, mainly, contain iron, zinc, biotin and protein, come on, almost everything your hair and nails need to look flawless. Legumes, in general, provide niacin ( vit. B3 ), basic for the production of keratin. In addition, copper facilitates the maintenance of the hair mass, and is present in the synthesis of melanin, in a way that helps to delay the appearance of gray hair.

Consuming the aforementioned foods to strengthen hair and nails can provide great results in the medium term. However, behind the deterioration of both parts of the body there may be other deficiencies or imbalances, of a hormonal type, for example, that ruin your health, revealing a more severe condition. As we always say, when in doubt go to the doctor, and tell us how our advice has gone in the comments.