The 15 most dangerous countries in the world to travel to

Traveling and discovering new destinations is one of the best things we can experience in life. And, a trip brings growth and great learnings with it . However, not all destinations are suitable to visit. On this occasion, we will talk to you precisely about the 15 most dangerous countries in the world to travel to.

The most dangerous countries in the world to travel

15. Turkey


Turkey is a country where there is usually a lot of tourism. This is because in addition to having a good geographical position, it offers its visitors beautiful beaches and a large number of natural wonders.

However, in this country you can find insecurity if you visit the less indicated areas. This is due to the cases of terrorism present in some unsafe places in Turkey. The number of kidnappings that occur near the Syrian border is also alarming. So, if you are thinking of visiting this destination, take some precautions.

14. Philippines

Tifón en Filipinas

We find ourselves with a tourist place characterized by its dreamy natural wonders. And, in the Philippines you can find everything from beaches to volcanoes of immense beauty. However, if you are going to visit this country, try to do it at the beginning of the year. Since, from August to December there is usually a rainy season , increasing the risk of natural disasters.

In addition, you should also be alert to organized crime that plagues some areas of the Philippines. Although there is not much terrorism compared to other countries, there is never a lack of scammers and opportunists on the lookout for the unwary.

13. Mexico

Delincuencia en México

This is one of the Latin American countries most visited by tourists from around the world. This is due to the large number of natural and historical monuments that this fantastic country has. However, Mexico also tends to have a slightly high crime rate. This is mainly due to the famous ‘cartels’ that plague some areas of the country.

So, if you are traveling to this fantastic tourist destination, it would be nice to take some basic safety precautions . Try not to visit dangerous areas, and do not go out alone late at night to places you do not know.

12. El Salvador

El Salvador criminalidad

Continuing with the list of the 15 most dangerous countries in the world to travel, we find El Salvador. Despite all the natural wonders that characterize this Central American country, many tourists tend to think more than twice before traveling .

This is mainly due to the high crime rates in this country. Thus, having one of the highest rates both in Spanish-speaking countries and in the world.

11. Honduras

Crimen en Honduras

If you are a lover of cultural traditions, and you like to venture into the exploration of natural paradises, Honduras will enchant you. However, it is necessary that when traveling to this country, you try to take some security measures. Since, like El Salvador and Nicaragua, crime rates in Honduras tend to be high .

Thus, tourists are generally an easy target for criminals. Therefore, it is worth it that during your visit to this country, you remain alert to the presence of both pickpockets, as well as scammers.

10. Brazil

Fabelas en Brasil

Brazil has been characterized for years as one of the most popular countries for travelers from all over the world. And it is not for less, since it is an immense country, with an incredible amount of tourist attractions and natural beauties. However, just as Brazil can be fascinating, it can also be dangerous .

This is why it is on this list of the 15 most dangerous countries in the world to travel. So, if you decide to visit Brazil, go to the big cities and places with the greatest tourist crowds. Avoid at all costs the famous ‘red zones’, considered dangerous.

9. Venezuela

Alta tasa de criminalidad en Venezuela

The critical situation that Venezuela is currently experiencing is no secret to anyone. And, despite the fact that this may be a tropical paradise due to the natural wonders it possesses, at present it is not at all a recommended destination to visit .

This is due, both to the high crime rate that this country has, being one of the highest in the world. As well as the social, political and economic crisis that it is currently experiencing. Thus, in short, one of the 15 most dangerous countries in the world to travel.

8. Haiti

Desastres naturales en Haití

Haiti has gone through different crises for some years. Furthermore, it is a country with high levels of poverty, which has been affected by various natural disasters. Likewise, the health conditions, as well as security, are usually quite worrying.

Despite the fact that many tourists have frequented this destination, most have done so for philanthropic and humanitarian purposes. That is why, at present, this is considered one of the least safe countries to travel to know and do tourism .

7. North Korea

Corea del Norte

For some time, this country has lived surrounded by a great mystery. And it is not for less, since in North Korea there are usually a lot of restrictions. Even access to this country, as well as the use of technology, are often quite unsuccessful.

In addition, due to their very restrictions, the large number of penalties and punishments that exist for violating their rules , even for interacting in an inappropriate way, are numerous. So, if you are planning to travel as a tourist somewhere, this destination is not your best option. Since, you can live a bitter or dangerous experience if you make a mistake.

6. Nigeria

Terrorismo en Nigeria

Despite the fact that Africa is characterized by having paradisiacal places to visit, it is still one of the most dangerous continents. In Nigeria, piracy, as well as other types of criminal acts and terrorism can be present. This is why this is not at all a safe destination to visit.

5. Afghanistan

Afganistan país poco seguro

We are almost nearing the bottom of this list of the 15 most dangerous countries in the world to travel to. And, Afghanistan is one of the countries with the most dangerous war conflicts in the world . This is why it is advisable to avoid traveling to this destination, at least while things improve a little.

4. Pakistan

Paquistán conflictos

We find ourselves with a country located in Asia, this being of high risk for visitors. And it is not for less, since in Pakistan terrorist acts related to attacks and kidnappings often occur. Therefore, if you plan to visit Asia, it is recommended that you skip this destination, as it is quite unsafe.

3. Libya

Libia inseguridad

Libya is currently in a very critical situation, which is why it is in the third position of this top. And the thing is, in this country the security standards are extremely low , thus having too much violence and terrorist acts. So, if for a moment you thought about traveling to visit this country, it is better what you cross off your list.

2. Iraq

Peligro en Irak

Iraq has been a target for the whole world for years. This is due to the armed conflicts and terrorism that this country has experienced. That is why in 2018 it was considered one of the most dangerous countries in the world. Being so, a highly conflictive destination to be visited, so discard it from your plans.

1. Syria

Siria el país más peligroso

Finally and to close this list of the 15 most dangerous countries in the world to travel to, we have Syria in the first place. Like the country mentioned above, Syria also ranks among one of the most dangerous countries in the world .

And, the critical situation of terrorism that exists on the Syrian border makes it an unsafe destination for both its visitors and its inhabitants. This is why traveling to this country is not recommended at all . If ignoring these warnings you still try to travel, it is better that you take extremely high security measures to do so.

Evaluate the positive and negative aspects of the destinations you will visit

To have the best experience during your trip, it is recommended that you inform yourself as much as possible about the country you will visit. Therefore, it is recommended that you study the factors of the destination you want to visit and evaluate if it is worth visiting . This is important, even more so, if your destination is among the 15 most dangerous countries in the world to travel to.