Is Greek yogurt from Greece? And other curiosities

Normally, Greek yogurt tends to be more palatable than normal, since its texture is creamier and more pleasant, it is also lower in fat and sugar, with a more intense flavor and is usually more versatile than classic yogurt. Despite its virtues, there are many curiosities of Greek yogurt, for example, does it originate in Greece? If we keep reading we will find out.

Greek yogurt is easily recognizable, in addition, given its low sugar and fat content, they make it the perfect ingredient for sweet and savory recipes . What most characterizes this type of food is that it has a more intense flavor because it does not set at high temperatures.

The great mystery of humanity is knowing which came first, the chicken or the egg. Now we want to decipher another great mystery and it is that today we will know if Greek yogurt really comes from Greece or is it more of a beautiful coincidence.

No, this yogurt does not originate in Greece

Greece is a fascinating country and from here we encourage you to visit its cities, and not just its capital. A country where we will enjoy an exquisite gastronomy, with very friendly people, fairytale landscapes, an excellent climate and where we will have the feeling that time passes at a different speed, due to the amount of peace that the environment generates.

Despite the benefits of Greece, we have a regular news, pulling to bad. Greek yogurt is not from Greece. The origin of this food is still unclear, since it is known that it reached the Mediterranean throughout the Middle Ages thanks to the Turks. The product became so widespread that its own and indigenous variety was created.

Un bol de cristal con yogur griego, frutas y frutos secos

Even so, from that variety it was derived to the yogurt that we know today. Moreover, in Greece they do not call it Greek yogurt, but there it is called straggisto, which means “filtered yogurt”. It is called Greek yogurt thanks to the fact that a Greek company began to sell that product in the United States and on the label it said “Greek strained yogurt”, in a way that referred to the country of origin.

Other curiosities of Greek yogurt

This food is full of mysteries, since many people consume it without really knowing what its fame is due to. That is why today we are going to explain why we should change conventional yogurt for Greek, based on its many curiosities.

  • It is low in sodium, which is a suitable food for those with high blood pressure, kidney disease or heart failure.
  • Greek yogurt can be suitable for lactose intolerant because it has a low percentage of this milk protein.
  • This type of yogurt can be considered vegetarian, if it does not contain gelatin.
  • It contains a large amount of probiotics that help regulate the intestinal flora and strengthen our immune system, without being as beneficial as kefir.
  • A Greek yogurt has about half the carbohydrates (7%) of a regular yogurt.
  • This variety has the whey removed, hence it is creamier, denser and smoother.
  • This yogurt has 2 times more protein than a conventional yogurt.
  • A great source of calcium , a mineral that helps bones and teeth.
  • It is made from cow or goat milk and contains more milk fat, which translates into a higher concentration of bacilli, that is, it is a very healthy yogurt.
  • It is considered a smart snack because, as it contains so much protein, it gives a feeling of satiety and avoids late-night snacking.