Do you know the 5 worst antiaging foods?

Although aging is a natural process, antiaging foods contribute significantly to the molecular damage that accelerates the aging of our body.

According to Dr. Nicholas Perricone, renowned researcher from the USA for being the creator of the thesis on the anti-aging revolution, diet today is the main cause of our aging, producing cell damage, metabolic stress and premature aging, due to because food accelerates the process of accumulating sugar in the blood.

We mention to you which are the 5 worst antiaging foods that make you age faster.

Los alimentos antiaging que más te pueden hacer envejecer

5 antiaging foods

1. Sugar

Sweets, in addition to wreaking havoc on teeth and triggering acne, also promote skin aging . This occurs because the cells that stimulate the natural process of collagen production age faster. This is stated by the doctor of naturopathic medicine Trevor Cates in her book Clean Skin from Within.

According to her, if sugar consumption is reduced, the body will regenerate so that collagen production increases again.

La azúcar es un alimento antiaging

2. Caffeine

If we drink a lot of coffee we run the risk of gaining some additional wrinkles.

“Caffeine has an effect on aging because it triggers the release of cortisol, which is a hormone that serves to increase the level of sugar in the blood and contributes to the increase in fat”

Melissa Lorch, sports scientist and founder of Fit4mum .

However, it is not necessary to stop drinking coffee to control this phenomenon if it is done in a regulated way. “The key is balance and everything in moderation,” says Lorch. “Drinking small amounts of water repeatedly a day, rather than large amounts, will keep your body hydrated and look young.”

la cafeína acelera el envejecimiento

3. Charred food

The burned areas that are generated when a piece of meat is cooked on the grill, contain hydrocarbons that mainly damage the collagen of the skin and some other tissues that make up the body.

“If you want a radiant complexion, limit grilled meats,” says Dr. Cates. Or, you can simply cut away the burned areas after the meat is cooked. The barbecue should also be scraped to prevent other pieces from becoming contaminated again.

La comida carbonizada te hace envejecer más rápido

4. Alcohol

Alcohol causes dehydration, leaving skin dry and prone to premature wrinkles. In addition, it makes a good night’s rest difficult, which is essential to maintain a fresh and healthy appearance.

“Alcohol interrupts your sleep, making it more difficult to get a quality rest.”

Kara Lydon, Registered Dietitian and Author of Nourish Your Namaste

El alcohol te hace envejecer más rápidamente

5. Salt

It cannot be denied that salt is an essential ingredient in many dishes, but consuming it in excess produces high blood pressure and alterations in the tissues of our skin. This is demonstrated by a study, since consuming too much salt triggers an inflammatory response of the immune system, producing eczema or atopic dermatitis (Matthias et al., 2019).

Un exceso de sal puede acelerar el envejecimiento


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