Christmas gift ideas for girls

Finding the ideal Christmas gift for girls doesn’t have to be complicated. There are many girls’ toys to consider, so it is normal to feel a little confused and not know if what we are going to choose is an original enough gift or if you do not like it.

When you search online you will see thousands of great gifts for girls, however, before you choose one you will have to be aware of certain aspects, such as the appropriate age, the use that you will give the gift and the tastes that the little one has, this is very important to make the right decision.

We leave you below some Christmas gift ideas to help you a little in your search and manage to give the best Christmas gift.

The best gift ideas for girls this Christmas

Roller skates

Basically there are 2 categories of skates: traditional 4-wheel skates (2 to 2 in parallel) also known as quads and in-line skates.

In general, inline skates are easier to ride and can be used on uneven and rough surfaces. Inline skates for girls and boys are usually of the fitness type, easy to use and more comfortable.

If you want to give quality skates, try to choose proven brands: Fila Skates, Hudora, Powerslide, Rollerblade, Roces, Seba, K2 Skates… they may be a little more expensive but they provide better safety to minimize the risk of injury.

instant photo camera

Like the old Polaroids: you shoot the photo and it comes out of the camera already developed, it works with negative cartridges, which can be purchased separately once all the ones included in the camera have been used.

This is a very fun gift that any girl will love, the photos are very good quality, especially the ones we take with good lighting.

The photos are quite small (5.5 x 8.5 cm) which you can use to decorate your room or give to your friends.

Video games and consoles

Video games have no gender and can be used (depending on the video game) from a certain age, since each console has a certain audience and a line of games.

For younger girls (7-8 years old), the Nintendo 3DS (or the new XL versions) is the first on our list of recommendations, we are talking about a stand-alone console that allows you to play anywhere, even in the car if you find yourself going on a long trip, etc.

Its games are aimed at boys and girls, which are relatively easy to use, the Nintendo Switch also offers many possibilities to play both outside and at home.

Girl’s Costumes

All children love to dress up, this is the perfect opportunity for them to become their favorite character and in the case of girls the options range from the classic choices to the well-known fashion characters from movies and television.

The costume alternatives are always the typical ballerina and princess costume, but also the perfect gift for many girls can be from Frozen, although everything will always depend on her taste and what is most popular at the moment.

educational gifts

These types of gifts are ideal for a girl from 1 year of age and older, these items are specifically designed to stimulate her fine and gross motor skills, her correct development, her mental agility and coordination.

For younger girls you can find construction toys, auditory stimulation toys, baby gyms and large puzzles with just a few pieces.