Best products for healthy shopping at Lidl

If we have a Lidl close to home and we want to make a healthy purchase, there are certain foods that should not be missing in our basket. We want to displace a bit of nuts, packaged legumes, gazpacho and the typical guacamole that everyone knows is healthy. That is why today we are going to show the healthy foods from Lidl that can NOT be missing in our shopping cart.

In all supermarkets there are healthy options, although the amount of ultra-processed really wins. Hence, our health, in general, is quite bad and every year the rates of obesity, diabetes and heart problems rise.

It is important to eat a good diet that is varied, balanced, low in salt and sugar, with lots of fruit, vegetables, legumes, good fats, cereals and seeds, away from industrial products and with trans fats. And if we want to start taking care of ourselves, we have to start with food and sports, that is why we want to show the best healthy foods from Lidl.

Skyr fresh cheese

It is a fresh cheese with the appearance of yogurt, and we say this because its texture and appearance really resemble that of the classic Greek yogurt, but it is actually made with rennet, that is, it is a fresh cheese.

This product is healthy because it contains no sweeteners, no colorings, no flavor enhancers, or any unnecessary extra ingredients. Also, best of all, it costs less than 70 cents per 150 gram tub.

We can use it with fruits, as a snack, for salads, desserts, etc. Its high protein content makes it an excellent choice for those who are training and exercising their body to achieve a physical goal.

Slices of whole wheat rye bread

Besides having rye, it also has wheat and spelled. We must clarify that there is another variant that has sunflower seeds. Both options are healthy foods from Lidl, in addition, they are cheap and can be combined very easily, both for sweet and savory foods.

This bread is not the typical sliced bread with a lot of crumb and flimsy, but it is somewhat more consistent, that is why it is usually used as a “plate” to place on top of numerous ingredients such as slices of salmon or turkey, avocado, tuna, or tomato slices, etc.

When we talk about healthy bread, we have to be very careful with what we put on that bread, because no matter how healthy it is, if we put Bacon, eggs, cheeses, sauces, chopped meat, etc. healthy there is nothing left …

Pulpo cocido entre los alimentos saludables de Lidl

Cooked octopus

It is nothing more than a piece of real and 100% natural octopus that has only been cooked for its conservation and subsequent preparation. It comes on a tray and is found in the refrigerated area of Lidl supermarkets.

With that octopus we can cook countless dishes afterwards, but if we don’t want to complicate our lives, we can chop it up with scissors and consume it as is, added to a vegetable scramble, a salad or something similar. In this way we are adding good quality protein to our daily diet.

Cantabrian anchovies

Some cans of just over 70 grams that include boneless and skinless anchovies, packed in olive oil, perfect to consume at dinner, accompany other dishes or to complete a lunch. With this food we are providing the body with a multitude of vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids.

Anchovies have a high content of B vitamins, proteins, omega 3 and a multitude of essential minerals such as calcium, iodine, iron and magnesium. Being packaged and ready to eat, it makes the task easier. We must remember that this type of food, no matter how fishy and healthy, is not suitable for animals or children under 12 years of age.

Chicken breast and turkey breast

We refer to sausages, that is, sliced. These are two very healthy choices within the entire catalog of cold cuts for sandwiches that Lidl offers us.

With sausages you have to be very careful, and that is that to be healthy, we must look at the ingredients and that there are no refined flours, no oils, no colorings, sugars, thickeners, etc. The best thing is that there is at least 70% fresh meat.

In fact, the Dudano brand chicken breast is truly fit as a Lidl health food, however the turkey breast is on the edge. So we recommend chicken more than turkey, even so, for once we could almost turn a blind eye.

Ready-made salads

Here’s a great debate. It is better to buy loose ingredients, that is, lettuce, on the one hand, tomatoes, on the other, carrots, corn, olives, lamb’s lettuce, etc. The problem is that not all of us have the time or desire to buy all that, cut it, prepare it, dress it and eat it, so we go to the prepared salads.

Well, to be healthy options, salads should be green leafy vegetables, no salt, no sugar, no sauces, no pasta, no croutons, bacon, tuna, etc. The best thing is to buy a bag salad, to which we add ingredients, or choose the prepared salads, but not to use those ultra-processed sauces that they bring, but to dress them with oil, salt, vinegar, or whatever we want.

Pasta fresca de Lidl

Fresh pasta Tagliatelle and spelled pasta

If we make a healthy purchase at Lidl, you cannot miss the pasta and that is why we have included the two best options in this list of healthy foods from Lidl. On the one hand, we have the fresh pasta Tagliatelle and, on the other hand, the spelled pasta.

We always recommend buying fresh pasta, without sauces, or fillings, or colorings, or anything. Or also whole wheat pasta, like the one at Mercadona, which is very cheap and very good.

Continuing with this list of healthy foods from Lidl, Tagliatelle pasta is simple to prepare, since being fresh it cooks faster and then we can add a natural fried tomato sauce from Lidl that is very healthy and add vegetables to give it a touch crunchy and increase the nutritional value, just like we can do with Lidl spelled paste, which is from Combino brand and is Bio.

Rice cakes

The perfect snack for mid-morning or mid-afternoon. Since they went on the market, all supermarkets released their white label version. But be very careful, the vast majority have very little healthy food, since they are loaded with colorings, sugars, fats, artificial flavors, etc.

The Lidl ones are somewhat better, and we mean the normal ones, not the chocolate ones. If we want them with chocolate, we recommend a pure chocolate bar (minimum 75% cocoa) without sugars and without milk, we melt it and bathe the pancakes in that chocolate.