A turmeric tea to fight Covid-19?

The benefits of turmeric tea have been known for decades, but in this era of pandemics where Covid-19 is causing science to step on the gas, many researchers are taking the initiative to test new drugs and new combinations of possible elements that help to a patient with coronavirus.

The Kingston Public Hospital in Jamaica has started serving turmeric tea to Covid-19 patients, and this is because the main ingredient (curcumin) has anti-inflammatory benefits. As we know, the coronavirus affects more harshly in patients with physiological inflammations .

The news was picked up by Jamaica Obrserver and has spoken with two doctors at the hospital where these tests have been carried out. It was Dr. Samantha Nicholson-Spence, who said that turmeric has many beneficial properties for humans and decided to put it into practice.

After its use in various patients, doctor Orlando Thomas, said that turmeric tea does NOT prevent the spread of coronavirus , it simply helps to mitigate pain and inflammation of the lungs with patients with Covid-19.

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The doctor goes on to say that there are patients who have accompanied turmeric with other anti-inflammatory and antiviral foods such as onion, honey or even garlic and claim to have increased the benefits and the fight against the coronavirus.

According to the hospital, patients who drink turmeric tea considerably reduce their stay in the hospital , especially in patients who, in general, tended to develop severe Covid-19.

At no time is turmeric tea endorsed as a miracle product , nor to prevent the spread of the disease, an improvement has simply been shown in hospitalized patients.

Also, although turmeric can be administered in a variety of ways, the hospital has opted for hot tea because the warm beverages alleviate respiratory ailments resulting from the disease.

So good have been the results in the hospital in Jamaica that the institution has reached an agreement with a company to never miss this tea in its pantry and to continue treating the thousands of patients that there are every week.