7 postpartum exercises to get back in shape after pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful stages for a woman (whenever she wants to have children). However, it is also the phase that affects your body the most physically . Not surprisingly, the body has to adapt to accommodate a new life (when there are no more), to which is added that they stop practicing some sports , especially in the first months. How to regain your state of shape after childbirth? Write down these 7 postpartum exercises . You will notice the difference!

When and how to exercise again after delivery

After childbirth, all women dream of regaining their pre-pregnancy figure and fitness as soon as possible. However, after giving birth you cannot do any exercise or in any way . When is it appropriate to start postpartum exercise routines? How to do them?

In quarantine , the six to eight week period that follows delivery, our body is still in the recovery phase , subject to physical and hormonal changes and blood loss from delivery. Therefore, during these first weeks, it is inadvisable to perform high intensity exercises .

It is better to start small, gradually . Keep in mind that the strain in the pelvic area is noticeable, and it is very likely that you will notice weak legs.

What’s more, if you force your body to do certain types of exercises or sports, you can cause greater incontinence , with the problems that this entails.

So, let your body tell you if the time is right , respecting the first few weeks with low-profile activity ( walks are the most recommended). It is best to consult your gynecologist.

The 7 best postpartum exercises to stay in shape

Postural education after delivery

Catching the baby well after delivery is key for the mother to avoid back problems in addition to not suffering from dysfunctions in the pelvic floor.

During childbirth, the bladder, womb, and rectum are greatly dilated , and can even be misplaced by exertion. Poor posture to hold the baby in your arms can lead to discomfort in the uterus , especially at the beginning when it has to return to its usual size and space.

The postpartum postural education exercise that we propose only lasts 3 minutes , which does not take time away.

Educación postural para evitar problemas de espalda después del parto

How to perform postpartum postural education exercise

To do this preventive postpartum exercise , stand up, if you can, in front of a mirror (it helps to see the postural error and make the corresponding corrections). Do a double movement: the feet, settling them on the floor while raising the spine until it is straight. At all times, keep your feet slightly apart.

How long is it advisable to maintain this exercise after delivery? A minimum of 3 months, with an ideal of 6 months, with repetitions of at least twice a day .

How to tone buttocks after childbirth

If you really want to settle the pelvic floor , you have to not only work the muscles directly involved, but also those that give stability to the region. Toning the buttocks is a way to regain your shape, figure and also avoid problems in the pelvic area .

What postpartum exercise is good for toning your glutes

Lie on your back, and bend your knees and support the soles of your feet well. Breathe in and, releasing the air, raise your pelvis as far as you can until the support is the mid-back area. Then slowly return to the starting position.

Do this exercise at least once a day for a minimum of three months . It is likely that after that time you will continue practicing of your own free will!

mejores ejercicios posparto para tonificar glúteos

Two postpartum exercises to tone the abdomen

The abdomen is one of the most sensitive areas after giving birth. It is the one that takes the maximum effort and the maximum dilation, so we have to be very careful when to resume the exercises in this area. At the slightest discomfort, stop exercising : intra-abdominal pressure can cause permanent damage.

Exercise 1: plank with back kick

Lie face down, using your forearms and back, the balls of your feet as front support. The rest of the body will be in the air. Contract your glute as you lift your leg back, and return to the starting position after holding your leg up for a few seconds. Repeat 7 times with each of the legs . If you feel too tired at first, rotate your legs consecutively.

Exercise 2: hypopressive abdominal gymnastics

Stand with your knees and arms slightly bent. It is important that the feet are parallel. Now take a breath, and then carry out a full exhalation. Stop breathing and try to pull your stomach in like Shakira does in her belly dances. Hold the pose for about 15 seconds, and breathe . Repeat the exercise for five times, several times a day.

This exercise seeks to strengthen the entire abdominal girdle , which is the area that weakens the most during pregnancy.

Gimnasia hipopresiva, uno de los mejores ejercicios posparto

Exercise to improve balance and tone the whole body

How to get all the benefits of the previous exercises in one? With this exercise we also restore our balance and posture .

The exercise consists of standing up, leaning only on one leg, and bringing the other back, so that the gluteus contracts . As you bring your leg back, lift your opposite arm into a position as close to 180 degrees as possible. Return to the starting position slowly.

You can intensify the exercise if, as you breathe, you incline the created axis to achieve maximum horizontality. Perform 6 reps on each leg at least once a day for at least three months .

mejores ejercicios posparto

Postpartum exercise to stretch the hamstrings

With this exercise to regain physical shape after childbirth, you can relax your back and help improve the position of the pelvis .

From a prone position, make a band out of a rope or cloth belt . Take the tip of the foot with it and try to bring the heel towards the ceiling, as much as you can without damaging the abdomen. Hold the position for about 10 seconds and then rest. Repeat the movement 5 times with each of your legs.

Pelvic floor and transverse abdominal activation exercise

For this exercise, you need a medicine ball or a large Pilates ball. Sitting on the ball, and placing your heels just below your knees, take a deep breath. When you go to exhale, close the ribs, tuck in the navel and lift about two centimeters a foot. If you need a little balance, support your fingertips. It is very important that throughout postpartum exercise, you maintain your lumbar curvature .

What exercises to avoid postpartum?

Now that we have seen the best postpartum exercises that you can do at home , we launched a warning: there are exercises that it is advisable to avoid until a minimum of 12 months has passed, regardless of whether it is a natural birth or a cesarean section.

Some of the exercises not recommended during the postpartum are the abdominals, the roll up of Pilates, running or doing exercises with jumps . Remember that you can increase the frequency and intensity of each of these postpartum exercises depending on how you are recovering internally.