7 habits all fit people follow

We know that becoming a person with healthy habits can be a bit difficult, especially if you are not used to changes. However, it’s all about confidence, motivation, and determination to meet your goals. Nobody said it was easy, right? But this will be the best start for a long way.

Therefore, we give you some examples of good habits that people who are in shape do. In fact, we will tell you the characteristics, behaviors and strategies to lead a healthier life and feel good about yourself.Hábitos saludables de las personas en forma

7 habits fit people do

1. They have a healthy lifestyle

Those who achieve and maintain high levels of physical fitness are not interested in short-term or temporary solutions. You won’t find them dieting for six weeks to don a bathing suit for a week’s vacation, a perfect Instagram selfie, or for their 20-year high school reunion.

For these types of people, a healthy lifestyle is permanent and they prioritize it in the long term, making training and nutritious eating a way of life . Sure, they skip the diet once in a while like everyone else, but rest assured that they will train at least a couple of days a week.Las personas que están en forma llevan una vida saludable

2. They have fun exercising.

Physical activity does not have to be synonymous with heavy work. Rather, it can be fun if you choose to do it that way.

Fit people find fun and enjoyment on their training journey. They experiment and do new things all the time to keep fit.

Monotony, whether planned or self-imposed, derails many people. Look for fun in your plan, from learning to cook new foods to playing sports with friends and learning new exercises.Las personas en forma se divierten haciendo ejercicio

3. They follow the 85/15 rule

The myth that fitness people don’t enjoy a drink every now and then and live off nothing but chicken, broccoli, and brown rice is just that, a myth. The people who have been most successful in maintaining their fitness adopt moderation in their nutrition. In other words, they follow the 85/15 rule.

This means that if 85 percent of the time they eat in a way that emphasizes high-quality fruits, vegetables, meats, eggs, and fish while limiting processed foods, simple sugars, hydrogenated oils, and alcohol. On the other hand, 15 percent of the time you can eat whatever they want. In real world terms, that’s about one in seven meals.Mitos de la nutrición de las personas fitness

4. They are competitive

One of the biggest motivators is competition. That doesn’t necessarily mean competing in a bodybuilding show, or a 5K race, although you can certainly include those things.

The best competition is that of yourself in the gym. There is a difference between exercising and training . The first is done without a concrete plan, and the second is extremely structured and goal-oriented. This means that if you were simply wandering around the gym for no real purpose and doing whatever exercise came to mind, you would probably stop being active out of boredom or lack of results.

Simply put, find your inner athlete, compete against yourself , have a plan, follow that plan, try to improve, and keep good records.Los hábitos que las personas que están en forma tienen

5. They seek advice

Fit and healthy people submit to the experts and are willing to be trained. They seek advice from people who are in the know to get the best results in the shortest time possible. They don’t think they know more than an expert or that they can figure it out on their own.

Las personas en forma buscan consejos de expertos

6. They don’t get complicated

If you want to live your life fitter, your training plan should be simple and straightforward . Going through all the little aspects of your workouts, trying to take on programs that are too advanced, and jumping from one program to another often leads to frustration and a feeling of being overwhelmed.

People who stay more consistent with their workouts keep it manageable, simple, and fun. We all live busy lives, and doing things excessively complicated in the gym can lead to exhaustion and apathy. Instead, keep a simple mind and look for basic solutions.Las personas en forma no complican su entrenamiento

7. They don’t see exercise as a method to lose weight.

The true fitness people do not consider exercise as a method of weight loss. Instead, they measure the effectiveness of their training program on improvements in strength and performance, not on how much weight they are losing.

Those who do see the value in their workouts understand the role nutrition plays in fat loss , and they don’t stop training because the number on the scale hasn’t moved too much.

Accept that dietary changes are the main factors driving fat loss, and the main goal of a good training program is to improve fitness and performance.

You will be much happier if you adopt this mindset and you will stay more consistent with your workouts.Las personas en forma no recurren al ejercicio para adelgazar


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