12 habits that make you fat in your day to day and you don't know it

Regardless of whether you are in a weight loss situation, or want to have a healthier life, you should avoid those habits that make you gain weight at all costs.

We know that sometimes submitting to a strict diet does not bring us great results, so we are going to give you a series of tips so that you can avoid all those habits that prevent you from achieving your goals.

These are the 12 habits that make you gain weight without you even realizing it

1. Do you know how many calories you are eating?

If not, you should know. We do not want to get to the madness of having to weigh food, but sometimes it is the most advisable. Many times we are not aware of the amounts of food , soft drinks, desserts, bread or any snack that we consume.

Although we eat high quality food, the quantities are very important. So, try to stop eating before you feel full.

2. The shopping list is essential

In order to avoid bad temptations and buy unhealthy products, we must go to the supermarket with a clear idea of what we are going to buy. These establishments and department stores, sometimes without realizing it , convince us to buy products that are not healthy at all.

In addition, it will help you save.

3. Plan your dishes

As we suggest that you plan your purchase, you should do it with your meals. Plan a weekly menu, which includes at least 3 meals a day, give yourself the opportunity to choose what to snack in the middle of the morning and in the afternoon, always in a healthy way.

4. No big plates

On many occasions we use very large tableware. In order to better measure or calculate our food portions, always take small plates as a reference.

When we drink a soft drink, avoid large glasses, they encourage us to consume more liquid. These, for the most part, contain a lot of calories.

5. Avoid restaurants

Eating away from home pushes us to consume many more calories. Therefore, it is more advisable to eat at home or with food prepared in it. It will help you follow a meal order and control the calories you eat.

6. Sleep and rest

Yes, believe it or not, lack of sleep translates into hunger. Scientifically it is proven that lack of sleep alters the hormones that make us feel hungry or full. It is also more related to the consumption of foods high in sugar and fat.

Stress, lack of time, many times forces us to eat compulsively the moment we face food.

7. Avoid salt

Surely we ingest more salts in our diet than is strictly necessary. These are often hidden behind food, so you should avoid adding salt to meals.


Over time our palate gets used to food with less salt.

The consumption of salt, contributes in a more than remarkable way to the retention of liquids. Adding volume to our body and preventing us from losing those extra kilos.

8. Avoid distractions while eating

Surely you see many people who eat in front of the phone or distracted by television. These habits that make you fat are very common in our day to day.

For this reason, we advise you to dedicate time only to eating, without distractions. This way you will know at all times what you are eating, without getting carried away by external factors.

9. Better many times a little, than a few times a lot

Although in recent years, some nutritionists assure that the important thing is the amount of calories ingested daily compared to the number of meals, the most important thing is that we do not have those feelings of hunger at any time.

Therefore, eat a minimum of 4-5 times a day in small portions. You will avoid binge eating and unnecessary calories.

10. Forget non-light sodas

As with salt, sugar hides behind most of the drinks and soft drinks that we consume. Therefore, a great step would be to avoid any soft drink that does not have this low-sugar designation.

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If possible drink water. Although they are low-sugar sodas, they are no better than water.

11. Look for movement

It is not just about taking care of what we eat. It is necessary that we introduce in our day to day, small changes that contribute to caloric expenditure.

Avoid elevators, get off one stop before reaching our destination, or simply take a walk in the late afternoon. They are easy changes to incorporate into our lives.

In addition to helping us stay in shape, it contributes to mental well-being.

12. Avoid devouring at dawn

Who has not gotten up at dawn with a fierce hunger? This seems like a reaction of the body that we can’t stop. In most cases it ends up with the sweetest thing we can find in the refrigerator.

Try to introduce foods rich in fiber in your dinners , although not in great quantity. This will allow us not to have those hunger peaks at midnight.