You can buy these healthy foods in Mercadona

Mercadona is full of good quality food and products that are very worthwhile, even being better than those of the original brand. That is why today we want to show the best options for when we want to buy healthy food at Mercadona. We have selected both vegetables, for vegetarian and vegan diets (or for any), and foods of animal origin that have quite good quality and are considered good processed by Carlos Ríos, the famous precursor nutritionist of the Realfooder movement.

Going to do the shopping is a task that we do not like too much and less in summer if we are in a coastal area with a lot of tourism. A task that normally takes an hour between the outward journey, the purchase and the return, but that, if we are not going to shoot, or it is very far, it can take up to 3 hours, and if it is a shopping center with stores, We know when we go in, but not when we go out.

Leaving the jokes aside, we must improve our purchase not only in time, but stick to what we really need, so we will not spend too much or waste food. In addition, we have to start buying healthier foods, which is why we decided to create this list.

Fresh gazpacho

One of the most classic foods from spring to September, and there are even those who prepare and eat it throughout the year. Gazpachos can even be made with fruits, but the original gazpacho is the one we recommend today, and if we don’t have a food processor, mixer or food processor, nothing happens, we can buy the gazpacho from Mercadona and enjoy a delicious, refreshing lunch and very healthy.

Hacendado gazpacho has only and exclusively the ingredients that an authentic gazpacho must have, that is why it is 100% recommended , apart from the fact that there is no list of unhealthy ingredients with flavor enhancers, carcinogenic preservatives, colorings, sweeteners, etc.

Hacendado’s gazpacho is available in all Mercadona stores in Spain and there is also salmorejo. There are different varieties of gazpacho. We recommend the “fresh Gazpacho”.

Edamames entre los alimentos saludables de Mercadona

Edamames and frozen berries

Mercadona’s frozen food section is small, but one of the best in almost all supermarkets and there are few varieties of brands, something that is already well known and common in this supermarket chain, but what there is is usually of good quality, although there are things that stand out.

On the one hand, we have the edamames, which are the immature soybean pod that is eaten seasoned with spices, and we also have the bags of frozen red fruits . The latter allows us to eat a variety of red fruits all year round.

In the frozen section we also have bags of vegetables and other fruits, but today we want to highlight the red fruits that are rich in antioxidants and are very versatile since they are used for smoothies, juices, to eat with yogurt or cereals, or to decorate desserts. , etc.

Firm tofu

Tofu is a food that is obtained from the coagulation of soy milk. Mercadona is one of the fastest supermarkets to add it to its shelves, and it is not because it knew that vegan and vegetarian diets were going to become fashionable, but because if something characterizes this supermarket chain is that they like to be inclusive and that anyone can buy in their stores.

In fact, Mercadona is famous for being one of the supermarkets with the greatest variety of gluten-free foods in Spain. And we are talking about years ago, when almost no one knew what gluten was and why Mercadona removed it.

Returning to firm tofu, we can buy it at any Mercadona store. In addition, it is a good process and a great source of vegetable proteins . Something very important for plant-based diets.

Nuts popcorn and pumpkin seeds

Mercadona’s dried fruit section is a pleasure to just see it, yes, then we look at the prices and we want to cry. A salary envelope is needed to be able to take several packages of nuts to create our own mix at home using a tupper or a glass jar, for example.

When we choose nuts, it is best to choose them either only toasted (without salt or sugar or anything) or natural. Above all, this last option is the healthiest, and that is why it is on the list of healthy foods in Mercadona.

The same happens with popcorn, since the most recommended option is to buy the corn kernels raw, without any type of treatment . To get the popcorn we put them in a special container and microwave for 3 minutes, or in a pot or pan with a lid.

Some of the same is true of pumpkin seeds, which are rich in essential nutrients and vitamins and minerals. Of course, they have to be natural pumpkin seeds, without any type of dressing, otherwise, they will no longer be healthy food options in Mercadona.

Legumes in pot

The best solution to those days when we don’t have much time to cook. To be honest, potted legumes are healthy no matter where we buy them, but it is true that in Mercadona there is a very good variety and they are very well priced and with a very good quality.

There is a false belief and that is that many people believe that canned and packaged foods are ultra-processed, and it is not. There are some that do, but in the case of natural legumes they are usually fresh and of good quality, so they are not unhealthy, but quite the opposite, the best solution for our daily diet.

What we do want to add is that, when buying fruits and vegetables, be they fresh, frozen or canned, you have to look at the origin of the product, the closer its origin, the more sustainable the choice will be.

Tiras de pollo al natural de Mercadona

Natural chicken strips and cooked ham

It is one of Mercadona’s most successful healthy foods and products. These are two good processed. In the case of chicken strips, there are 2 options and the 2 are quite good, both the natural chicken and the baked version.

When it comes to cooked ham, we have to be very careful, since not just anyone is valid. Its appearance will tell us a lot about the product. Those that are cooked naturally usually have a whitish edge and the fibers are noticeable, have a uniform color and also usually come in a large size on a tray with only about 6 or 8 slices.

The good thing about both Mercadona healthy foods is that they have a high content of original ingredients and that is why they are good processed and options that we can add to our shopping cart with a clear conscience.

85% dark chocolate and sugar-free gelatin

On numerous occasions we have recommended choosing pure cocoa over Cola Cao or Nesquik and other ultra sugary and unhealthy soluble cocoas, but we have also recommended eating pyro chocolate at least 75% onwards and rejecting tablets with milk.

The higher the percentage of cocoa, the healthier the choice, since there will be fewer ingredients and fewer sugars or sweeteners.

Regarding the Hacendado gelatin , 0% sugar, we have a perfect snack for mid-afternoon or mid-morning and without feeling guilty or choosing an unhealthy, sweetened and sugary option that puts our health at risk. They are in the refrigerated section, next to the yogurts and there are various flavors, formats and prices, but we only recommend 0%.

Mascarpone and mozzarella cheese

If we are cheese lovers, we are in luck, since Mercadona has several good quality cheese options. On this occasion we wanted to add to this list of healthy Mercadona products, two very important cheeses in the kitchen, such as mascarpone and mozzarella.

In the case of mascarpone, it is considered a good process because it is made with cream and cow’s milk. For its part, Mercadona mozzarella can also be consumed without fear, and even several times a week, either in whole wheat pasta, in salads, with whole wheat bread, etc.

Two different cheeses, but equally tasty and necessary for the diet. Remember that mozzarella is rich in phosphorus and calcium helping digestive health, the immune system and bones and teeth. For its part, mascarpone is one of the most famous Italian cheeses and is the authentic one to make the tiramisu recipe. It is rich in vitamin A, group B and C, as well as potassium, phosphorus and calcium.

Frozen prawns

The prawns that are sold in Mercadona are usually a good option as long as we see the whole product, that is, with its head included. The health of fish and shellfish can be seen in your eyes.

Mercadona frozen prawn trays are an excellent option for cooking, or as a snack after a light bath in boiling salted water. Shrimp are also highly recommended, but the good thing about prawns is their nutritional richness.

Fresh prawns that have not been processed, beyond being cooked or frozen, are rich in vitamins B3, B12, D, E and K, in addition to essential minerals such as iodine, potassium, iron, calcium and magnesium.

Pan integral de centeno de Mercadona

Whole wheat rye bread and 100% whole wheat bread

Mercadona’s bakery section is honestly one of the best of all the supermarkets that we have at our disposal. Not only because of the variety of sweets, cakes, empanadas and breads, but because of the quality of these foods, especially the breads.

In Mercadona’s bakery section we find two very interesting breads that we highly recommend. On the one hand, the whole wheat rye bread that is already sliced and is perfect for breakfasts, snacks and dinners, and the 100% whole wheat bread that is a round loaf that we can slice and freeze in parts.

In Mercadona’s oven there are also sourdough breads, which are the best options. Whichever bread we choose we have to read the ingredients and if it is wholemeal flour, much better. In addition, it is very healthy to eat bread every day and know how to prepare healthy toasts and not put chóped, Nutella or chorizo on it, which is not healthy.

Cans of natural salmon

Yes, apart from cans of tuna, mussels, almajas, sardines, mackerel, cuttlefish, etc. In Mercadona there is a can of natural salmon and they are a very good option and resource for light dinners or lunches that we want to complement with good nutrients.

A balanced duck must have, fried, vegetables, legumes, carbohydrates and proteins, that is why these cans of Hacendado natural salmon can get us out of a hurry at any time.

It is a pack of 3 cans and each one weighs 80 grams, that is, more than enough for a salad, split a plate of rice or macaroni, etc.

Many times, what separates a food from the line of healthy products is how it is made, and other times how we eat it. These cans of salmon can be very tasty, but if instead of eating them naturally or minimally seasoned, we add sauces, then that food is no longer healthy.

Guacamole and hummus

Two options that Carlos Ríos repeated ad nauseam when he entered Mercadona, until he produced his own versions. At Mercadona we have a pot of 95% guacamoles , that is, it is homemade avocado. It has a very mild flavor and is very rich. It can be used for a multitude of dishes, beyond spreading it on toast as we see on Instagram.

On the other hand, we have Mercadona’s hummus, another star product. We recommend the traditional one and the red pepper one. Both are good options to spread on bread or eat with vegetables, that is, sticks of raw vegetables such as celery, carrot, pepper, etc.