Why is there no orange yogurt?

There is a wide variety of yogurts in any supermarket. With the rising trend of protein versions, the flavors have been modified to make them more striking. However, no one dares with orange yogurt.

Although it is a fruit widely consumed throughout the world, especially in the spring time, it is difficult to find dairy with orange. We do see other citrus fruits present, such as lemon or grapefruit, so it is not possible to understand why this type of yogurt does not exist.

Is it dangerous to mix yogurt with orange?

There is a legend that warns of the risks of mixing dairy with citrus fruits. However, lemon yogurts have been around for several years.

The main reason defended to warn against mixing yogurt and oranges is that the juice of this fruit is acidic. They claim if we take both together, the yogurt will be cut by the acid, and it can make us feel bad and cause an upset stomach. However, it is a claim without any scientific evidence, despite the fact that it has been investigated to try to find the truth.

Our stomach also contains acidic substances, so if this is the case, dairy would be cut off in digestion. In fact, the acidity of the stomach is much higher than that of orange or any other citrus fruit. So it’s just based on a false myth. However, there may be people who do not tolerate this mixture very well because the juice spends more time in the stomach, and it can cause discomfort.

Remember that we consume “cut” milk on a regular basis, as in yogurts or cheeses, so there is nothing to fear. In addition, you can take yogurt and orange separately, the result will be the same because they coincide in the stomach.

naranja en un plato de yogur

Matter of preferences

The majority of the population tends to drink orange in three forms: in fresh juice, directly in fruit or in orange soda. There is also the option of taking it in jam, taking advantage of the fact that the largest export of bitter orange is in Seville. Or even in chocolates or candied.

However, using this fruit in yogurt becomes a rather special preference. The main flavors are strawberry, strawberry-banana or natural. In addition, there are flavors that are not very successful for the palate, so each spoonful that we put in the mouth is reminiscent of syrups or candies. Supermarket shelf space is very competitive, and if it’s not likely to be a bestseller or a prestige marker, we won’t see it available.

If you really want to get orange yogurt, it is best to make our own. As we have seen before, the mixture of these two foods does not pose any health risk. So making it at home may be the only option for this flavor. And, in the case of finding an orange yogurt in the supermarket, it is recommended that the fruit be present naturally and not as an aroma.