Which indoor pools in Barcelona do we recommend visiting this winter?

For all those who like to play sports , they have to rethink many questions during the colder months. This is because there are not as good possibilities as in summer, for example, a season in which you can get fit even in a park. In this way, if you like to swim, we thought that you might be interested in which are the most outstanding indoor pools in Barcelona . Either because you live in this city or because you travel to it a lot for various reasons, you will have the opportunity to take care of your line and release stress in these centers.

Indoor pools in Barcelona

A good plan to play sports and have a good time is to train in one of the indoor pools in Barcelona . You will feel fit, you will take care of your figure and you will be distracted from the daily routine. In addition, being heated you can go every day of the year , regardless of the weather outside. In order for you to know the most valued, in this section we are going to talk about them.

Can Drago Pool

The Can Dragó pool is one of the most valued in the city. It belongs to the Eurofitness club and is located in the Nou Barris district. It is ideal for all those who seek not only to swim, but also to have the opportunity to practice other sports. The reason is that the surface of the facilities exceeds 35,000 square meters. These have been designed to enjoy sports leisure. For example, it has two indoor pools and one outdoor pool , to offer all possible services. If there is something to be highlighted, it is its easy accessibility , since you can get to the site by different means, either by own or public transport.

Bernat Picornell pools

The Bernat Picornell swimming pools are located in the Montjuic Olympic Ring . Without a doubt, it is a point of reference in Barcelona for all lovers of swimming. Inside, users can find three pools . The first of them is interior and measures fifty meters; the second is exterior and has the same size as the previous one; and the third is jumping.

Piscinas cubiertas en Barcelona

Sant Jordi pools

The Sant Jordi pool is perfect for all those athletes looking for an Olympic pool. It is located in the L’Eixample district of Barcelona, specifically in the facilities of the city’s Industrial School . The most curious thing about this place is that it is the first indoor Olympic swimming pool built in the country . It offers swimming lessons for both adults and children. In addition, diving and artistic swimming classes are also given.

Athletic-Barceloneta Swimming Club

The Club Natació Atlétic-Barceloneta is perfect for all the possibilities it offers to people who like to swim. It is located in the Barceloneta neighborhood and boasts great facilities. In addition to having an adapted indoor pool and another for learning and therapy , it has several outdoor ones. One of them even has sea views and a solarium. In it you can also do swimming courses and other water activities .

Barcelona Swimming Club

If you want to train in a place where great swimming and water polo stars have come out, don’t hesitate to go to Club Natació Barcelona . It boasts more than a hundred years of history and is located in Barceloneta. Inside you can find an indoor pool measuring 50 x 25 meters; a heated exterior of 25 meters; a 33-meter saltwater exterior; and one for small children. Without a doubt, a place that is a benchmark for lovers of this sport .