Where to study to be a personal trainer?

Have you ever wondered how to be a personal trainer ? It is natural that if you are attracted to the world of fitness, you are interested in dedicating yourself professionally to this career, since you can earn income doing what you like.

Now, as exciting as this profession is, it doesn’t mean it’s for everyone. Likewise, in order to perform it, it is necessary to meet certain requirements . Therefore, we are going to delve into everything related to how to be a personal trainer so that you can decide if you really have what it takes to dedicate yourself to it.

How to be a personal trainer: responsibilities

Being a personal trainer involves great responsibilities. At all times you must keep in mind that when someone hires the services of this type of professional, they hope that their sports performance and physical fitness improve . The specific objectives may vary from one person to another, but in essence they are those.

Therefore, as a personal trainer you will have the responsibility that each of your clients obtain the physical results that they aspire to and that are within their possibilities. Consequently, your professional success can be measured in the results obtained by your clients.

This is not only achieved by designing good training plans, but knowing how to adapt them to clients. You must carefully study the fitness and level of commitment of each person you train. In this way you will be able to design a routine and training plan that is completely adapted to them.

Fulfilling this responsibility not only allows for more optimal results, but is also essential for setting realistic goals .

On the other hand, beyond the training routines, a personal trainer has the obligation to supervise their correct execution. You must ensure that each exercise has an adequate technique to prevent your client from suffering an injury.

On the other hand, you will not be a good coach if you only focus on the physical part. The best trainers know that the psychological part is also very important, so they know how to keep their clients motivated .

Also, if you want to be a comprehensive professional, you also need to train in other areas such as nutrition. This way you can advise your client on how to prepare a diet that will help them meet their training goals.

Requirements to be a personal trainer

When it comes to how to be a personal trainer, the requirements play an important role. Among these requirements, the most important of all is to have adequate academic training .

If you have the vocation to dedicate yourself to this profession, then it should not be very difficult for you to take a personal trainer course. In fact, thanks to the benefits of the digital age, you don’t even need to leave your home to get this kind of training .

There are companies like Fivestar that have among their offers an online personal trainer course capable of giving you all the training and certification you need to become a highly qualified trainer.

On the other hand, training is not the only requirement. You also need to have adequate communication skills . You don’t have to be an expert in public speaking, but you do need to know how to explain each training routine in an easy-to-understand way.

Likewise, it is very important to be patient and empathic . No one wants to be coached by someone who expresses himself rudely and creates discomfort. Also, keep in mind that in some cases you may have to work with difficult clients with little motivation. Empathy will help you understand them better and adopt a motivational strategy adapted to them.

It is worth remembering that perseverance and commitment are essential to dedicate yourself to this profession. You must be responsible to comply with the established schedules and avoid canceling an appointment , unless it is an emergency situation.

In addition, it is necessary to be very attentive to the latest research related to training. This will allow you to constantly improve routines with the support of science.

Job opportunities for a personal trainer

Although there is no specific qualification to practice this profession , if you want to take advantage of job opportunities in the best gyms and sports institutions, having certified academic training is an essential requirement.


However, working in an institution is not the only option. It is also possible to practice this profession autonomously. However, in this situation it is just as important to have certified academic training, because in this way you will show your clients that you are a true professional .

On the other hand, the academic training related to this profession does not limit you to working as a coach. There are also job opportunities related to animating physical activities or even teaching fitness studios.

In conclusion, it can be said that the field of work for personal trainers is fairly broad. However, this will depend on the type of specialization courses you take.