What types of Visa are there for the United States?

Do you know what types of Visa exist to be able to travel to the United States ? Without a doubt, it is one of the most visited countries in the world. In a space of these characteristics, you can live a multitude of experiences of all kinds. For this reason, it is an ideal place for all tourists, both for those who are passionate about cultural visits , and those who feel really satisfied when they enjoy a whole day lying on the sand of a beach. However, traveling to the US is not as simple as traveling to a member country of the European Union if you are Spanish, for example. In this way, it is necessary that you understand what documents you must present and what steps you must take when organizing a getaway of these characteristics.

Types of Visa to travel to the United States

Applying for a visa for the United States is essential when you want to visit this country. However, there is an alternative to the above that will allow you to save work, costs, time and effort . It is about applying for an ESTA . Now, what are the visa requirements for the United States? Keep in mind that depending, for example, on the type of trip or the length of stay in the country, there are some requirements or others to obtain this type of permit. In the case of being a Spanish citizen, you will need a visa if you meet the following points:

  • Wanting to be in the United States for more than 90 days in a row
  • Not have a medical, tourist or business travel purpose
  • Have been to Iraq, Libya, North Korea, Iran, Sudan, Yemen, Syria, or Somalia after 2011
  • Have the nationality of any of the aforementioned countries (even if it is a second nationality)
  • Traveling with an airline that is not included in the ESTA system or with a private plane
  • Not being able to answer the security questions on the ESTA form in the negative
  • Not having permission to enter under the Immigration and Nationality Act § 212
  • Not having a passport whose nationality does not correspond to any country within the Visa Waiver Program

Types of visa according to the reason for the trip

The visas that exist to travel to the United States are different . We describe each of them in this section.

B-1 visa

It is a temporary visa whose purpose of travel is focused on business . In this way, this document allows you to negotiate or consult with work contacts and participate in congresses or conferences of a scientific, educational or business nature.

B-2 visa

In this case, the temporary visa is linked to tourism . Thus, through this document it is allowed to go on vacation as a tourist to the US, visit friends or family and also carry out some type of medical procedure. Likewise, this visa allows you to attend competitions or sporting or musical events. In addition to the above, it is possible to be part of an event related to a hobby, such as a cooking course.

Combination of B-1 and B-2

In this case, the purposes of tourism and business are merged.

When can you travel to the United States with ESTA?

You will only need an ESTA to travel to the United States if you meet the following requirements:

  • Visit family or friends
  • Go on vacation to the United States
  • Visit suppliers or customers
  • Go to the country to undergo medical treatment
  • Attend negotiations, business meetings or congresses.

Other visas to visit the United States

Likewise, there are other types of visas to travel to the United States . For reasons of study or work, it is mandatory to apply for visas such as the F Visa , aimed at foreign students enrolled in an accredited US educational institution; or the H Visa , which is needed by those who want to work in the US temporarily, among others.