What is the best gym mat on the market? we tell you

Buying a gym mat is more difficult than you think. The reason is that these elements depend on the needs of each user, because depending on the use and the function that is going to be given to them, they will have to choose one product or another. It is true that most brands offer very similar basic features. However, in order for you to acquire the best item you can buy today, we have taken into account factors such as the quality of the materials, technological innovations, ease of use and even customer service. more efficient customer. Regarding the latter, there is nothing like acquiring any complement knowing that, in the event of any problem, they will attend to us personally, offering us useful results .

In addition to all of the above, you have to keep in mind that a gym mat is a very versatile product. In this way, if you know how to choose correctly what you buy, the satisfaction will be excellent. A) Yes. It could be ideal to take it to a sports center, to practice yoga at home, to do pilates in the park or to go camping, among many other options. Among all the items available, we have chosen those whose surface is padded and that protects the body when doing all kinds of physical activity.

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How to choose the best mat on the market?

A gym mat is a very important element when performing exercises such as push-ups, sit-ups or even squats. It protects the body from the hardness and rigidity of the ground and achieves a much friendlier environment for all those people who are looking for the best conditions when it comes to getting their body and mind ready .

In order to choose the best gym mat, you have to take into account, among other details, the material with which it has been designed; the weight, to be able to move it more or less easily; the colors available, which transmit different energies to the user; or the size, which will allow more or less freedom of movement and comfort.

Adidas training mat

If this gymnastics mat stands out for something, it is because its seams show great quality. In addition, it boasts an ideal support surface to practice yoga or pilates on it. It is designed in NBR, it fuses firmness and elasticity perfect for all types of sports and its edges are reinforced in nylon.

It does not matter the type of floor on which it is placed, since it adheres very well to practically all types of surfaces. The reason is that it does not warp or slip. In addition, in a matter of minutes it recovers its shape no matter how much effort is made on it. It is a very practical piece and it is very easy to carry thanks to the fact that it folds and has a handle.

Other features

Other characteristics are that it has closed particle technology . This causes it to stop the excessive absorption of sweat. Therefore, it will be kept clean and dry during the time you play sports. In general, it can be said that it boasts extensive durability and that the brand is very reliable, as has been shown so far.

Non-Slip Fitness Mat POWRX

This gym mat is ideal for doing a multitude of exercises on it that require a lot of movement. In the event that you are considering getting in shape or losing weight, this fitness product will allow you to improve different physical abilities, such as cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, strength, speed, power, dexterity, coordination, accuracy or balance.

It is made of NBR foam . It is very delicate with the dermis as it is very soft to the touch. Its thickness is one and a half centimeters and it slows down the high or low temperatures of the floor on which sports are going to be practiced. It also softens the rigidity of the latter.

Other features

One of the great advantages of this product is that it can be transported comfortably . Therefore, no matter where you practice a workout, whether in the gym or outdoors, you can always take it with you without problems. Likewise, it can be rolled up very easily, getting it to recover its shape as soon as it is unrolled. Likewise, it is very easy to clean and resists water very well . It is made for all types of users, regardless of their age or weight.

Gym mat Fitem

This Fitem gymnastics mat boasts a density of forty kilograms per cubic meter. It is a figure that exceeds those that are required for an element of these characteristics to have sufficient firmness to distribute the weight and absorb it as sports are practiced on it. It has an XXL size to offer greater freedom of movement. Now, it is available in two sizes. On the one hand, the standard, 180 centimeters long, by 60 centimeters wide. On the other hand, we find the “plus”, which reaches 240 centimeters long and 120 centimeters wide. This means that it measures more than a “king” type bed.

It is made of EPE foam , which is why it does not deform. It is also coated with PVC , making it resistant, easy to clean and waterproof. Like the previous ones, it has a handle to be able to move it easily.

Other features

Its plus version ensures that the person who practices sports can afford to fold it in two to achieve greater cushioning, increasing comfort in each exercise. Therefore, it is fully recommended for activities such as martial arts or any other sport in which you have to perform, for example, jumps.

Regarding the price, it is true that there is a big difference between the “plus” size and the standard. Now, the first mat, relative to size, is twice the size of the second. If you need a large space in which to train, do rhythmic gymnastics or dance, this is undoubtedly your product.

Techfit gym mat

With this gym mat you can perform pilates, yoga or gymnastics with total comfort. It is 1.5 centimeters thick and its surface is characterized by being soft. Now, at the same time it is firm, so it is totally effective when performing exercises at ground level.

It is made of synthetic rubber. This causes it to be non- slip and not slip. In this way, you can move on it, even barefoot, without losing any stability. On the other hand, it should be noted that it is not only perfect for doing gymnastics, but it can also be used for other types of activities, such as sleeping in the field , since it is ideal for use in the middle of nature.

Other features

This gym mat has been made from non-toxic materials, so they are safe for health. Also, it can be cleaned with detergent and water. Its surface dries in a short time, so it does not need to be ventilated for days. In case you have little space at home, it can be easily folded for easy storage . In this way, you will have everything you need at hand without being hindered by any prominent corner.