What is seitan and how can you introduce it into your diet?

With a high content of proteins of great nutritional value, seitan is what is also known as “vegetable meat”. This product, well known to the vegetarian consumer, is mainly wheat gluten.

Therefore, before continuing, we must warn that this food is not suitable for people intolerant to gluten. However, for people who do not eat meat, this is a product that can provide proteins in a much greater amount than other products in their diet.

In addition to being nutritionally very similar to animal meat, its texture and flavor will make this product a very attractive ally for your diet.

Properties of vegetable meat

Unlike many products, seitan, in addition to being rich in protein, has a reduced content of both carbohydrates and fats. This may give you an extra quality, as it is the closest thing to the healthiest meats that we can buy.

In addition, it is a food that is not very strong or spicy, making it more digestive and healthy. Unlike other plant products, this one is very low in fiber.

You may not have seen seitan on the shelves of your regular supermarket. But we can assure you that there are more and more quality products on the market. These provide us with extra minerals such as potassium, sodium or calcium. Therefore, you should not ignore that this can affect aspects such as blood pressure, although moderate consumption does not have any symptoms.

que es el seitan

Lots of protein, few carbs

If we look at its nutritional values, seitan provides us with about 50 grams of protein in each 200-gram serving. Adding to it that it is reduced in fat and carbohydrates, they make this a low-calorie product.

For all this, it is very easy to introduce it into our diet. Both in our dinners, or as a companion to our main meals of the day.

Very healthy

There are not many foods or products that we can buy with such healthy nutritional values. In addition , seitan, unless a food intolerance is present, is a very light food to digest.

Surely this is another attraction that attracts many consumers to introduce seitan in their diet. Although not the only one.

Thanks to its well-known protein content and its reduced amount of calories, it can become a great option if we want to lose weight. Well, we will not neglect the amount of protein we eat, without providing any saturated fat or cholesterol. Something that makes seitan a very healthy product for our heart.

Introduce seitan in your kitchen

If we previously mentioned that seitan is known as “Vegetable Meat”, you can use it in the same way. You will be adding quality protein to your dishes, subtracting an important part of fats and carbohydrates that sometimes make the food not so digestive.

In this way, we invite you to try introducing it into your diet as a substitute for your most common meats. Thus, you will see that the seitan can be prepared grilled or stewed.

We mainly recommend these ways of introducing it to our table. Even so, you will be able to verify that the seitan can be coated, fried or even consumed as it comes in the container.

Accompany it with superfoods

Regardless of the way you prepare the seitan, you should know that having such defined characteristics and qualities, its best partner on the set is also of plant origin.

Accompany your vegetable dishes, legumes and vegetables that add color and life to your diet.

Anyway, you can find great recipes with this ingredient; from the best-known seitan burgers, to a stew or a dried fruit sauce.

Finally, unlike many foods of plant origin that we find prepared, seitan does not have a very high price. In addition, we can prepare it at home, reducing the price per kilo to a few euros.