What can I order at Starbucks if I'm on a diet?

Starbucks is a chain of coffee shops famous for its coffee specialties, and for having a hipster and modern atmosphere. A cafeteria style very seen in Instagram photos and where we can order almost anything, from a coffee, a tea, a juice, a sandwich or a muffin … sorry, we wanted to say muffin. But when we are on a diet, everything seems to get complicated, that’s why we are going to say the healthiest options we can ask for at Starbucks.

Leaving aside the water and the cut fruit, there is a whole range of possibilities to eat healthy in this well-known chain of coffee shops. Of course, healthy for us, not for the environment, since the company continues to use a lot of single-use plastic, although little by little it commits to using other materials.

We are going to get straight to the point and say what options Starbucks has so that we can go to their coffee shops, even if we are on a diet. But first we want to clarify that it is not about being on a diet or not, since this type of habits is usually a double-edged sword physically and psychologically.

Diets cannot be prolonged for long because they cause a rebound effect. What you have to do is adopt healthy habits and maintain a healthy diet and exercise several times a week.

Healthy drinks from Starbucks

It should be said that the servings of these healthy options are quite scarce and with abusive prices in some cases, so it is advisable to supplement with something else, although it may be that to take something quickly it is enough.

Mejores opciones para pedir en Starbucks

Espresso Coffee and Espresso Macchiato

Espresso coffee is a type of coffee that is obtained by passing the coffee through a machine that is heated to more than 90 degrees and at high pressure for about 25 or 30 seconds. It is a technique originally from Italy and is a type of coffee very high in caffeine.

For its part, the espresso macchiato is a smaller espresso (about 40 ml) that is normally served in a cup and to which cream milk is added. It is the stained coffee of a lifetime , that is, only coffee, and a little milk. It has a strong flavor and has a high concentration of caffeine.

Cappuccino coffee

A well-known coffee, it is the reduced version of the coffee latte that is usually almost 200 ml of drink. In the case of cappuccino, it is known for its cream and the characteristic of this drink is that it has the same amount of coffee as milk foam.

It is a natural coffee from Italy and is prepared with espresso and whipped milk and with steam to give it that creaminess that has made this type of coffee so famous. Sometimes it is accompanied by pure cocoa powder or cinnamon, although there are those who add hazelnut powder. And each one who decides what done.

Coffee with milk and Flat White coffee

If there is a common coffee among all the coffees in the world, it is undoubtedly coffee with milk. The proportions of both ingredients vary from each city, country, region, etc. Normally it is left to the waiter’s choice, or we can also say if we want more milk or more coffee.

For its part, Starbucks Flat White is normal coffee with milk , only that the proportion of milk is higher than that of coffee. The milk and cream at Starbucks is not of high quality, but hey, if we want to cut calories, we can ask for semi-skimmed milk or plant-based soy milk.

American coffee and ice coffee

It is a very peculiar modality and it is that to prepare it you have to use more water than with other varieties of coffee. To prepare it we pour a large cup of espresso coffee and add water , this is the famous American coffee and it is one of the best sellers in the world and of course, in Starbucks too.

Its name is due to the fact that it is the traditional way of making coffee in the United States, apart from other parts of the world. Doing it well requires some practice and knowing our taste, since it is not just adding water to the coffee, since it could remain watery and it would be very ugly in taste.

Ice coffee, meanwhile, is also known as Ice Latte. It consists of a perfect mix between espresso coffee, lots of ice and milk cream. A mixture of flavors and sensations that give this preparation the fame it deserves.

Opciones saludables en Starbucks

Whole leaf tea

Whole leaf tea sold at Starbucks is a variety of teas from which we can choose from countless flavors and what characterizes it is that instead of being ultra-processed teas loaded with sugars, they are natural teas.

Of course, for it to be a healthy option, it would be necessary to remove the syrup that some varieties bring. Some even arrive already prepared with sugar and other extras. Let’s remember that we are looking for healthy options at Starbucks.

Healthy meals and snacks from Starbucks


There are many salads in this chain of cafes, but there are specifically two that we recommend. Of course, they are quite expensive, although if it is the only thing that we find while we walk, we make cars or when we enter we feel like it … then do not be surprised by their prices, we have already warned, apart from the fact that they are very small.

For example, the pasta and vegetable salad is a very good option, although it would be better if the pasta was whole grain. This salad is called Fusili Capresse , and for us it is a healthy option. The other salad is the quinoa salad, which is not as good, but its size makes us finally bite into some sweet. We recommend choosing the jar of fresh cut fruit


Anyone who likes hummus has surely tried all its varieties. At Starbucks we have beetroot hummus and they serve it with a few sticks of celery and carrot. As we say, it does not give a complete meal, but we can complete it with one of the previous salads. This way we would get a more complete meal and we would better satisfy our appetite.


In this chain of coffee shops we can also find numerous sandwiches, or savory, as they call it in their official menu. Not all of them are a good option, so we have to opt for those that have a large amount of vegetables and some protein such as eggs, cheese or chicken.

We recommend the Chicken Foccacia, Turkey and Blueberry Bloomer, Italian Wrap and the Chicken and Cheese Ciabatta with Vegetables. The Chicken, Cheese and Mozzarella Sandwiches or Multigrain Bread and Turkey Sandwiches are two other good options.

Bocasillo de pollo de Starbucks

Cereal bread toast with EVOO and tomato

It is not one of the best options, we admit it, because the bread is not of very good quality, despite the price of this toast. Even so, it is an option suitable for a specific moment, since it only has extra virgin olive oil and tomato. In other words, the classic toast of a lifetime.

The toast is a good size, and if it is accompanied by a long coffee with cream, we will be well satisfied, or the hummus or the fruit. The question is to eat healthy and be satisfied, not to eat little for fear of what to eat.

Clean and chopped fruit

At Starbucks we can order a glass of clean, peeled and diced fruit that will come in handy to brighten up the wait at an airport, or if our friend is too late to get to the cafeteria.

We can order it to take away and we eat it back home or while walking through the city center or the beach. The fruit is in a plastic cup with a lid and is served with a plastic fork. When we finish that plastic goes to the yellow container.

Yogurt and muesli

Starbucks offers us different types of yogurts, on the one hand we have blueberry yogurt and muesli and, on the other hand, natural yogurt with muesli and honey . We can mix both options with the fruit that we have explained before, and thus enrich that dish as a healthy snack if we are on a diet.

We can also order these yogurts to compensate for the sugary and unhealthy pastries that they sell in this supermarket chain. Another option is to order one of the two yogurts and, apart, a large cookie to mix with the yogurt, but it would not be so healthy anymore.