What are the best applications to control expenses?

Are you one of those people who “doesn’t know” how your money disappears in the blink of an eye ? What if we told you that there are a series of apps and tools that you can take advantage of to manage your finances? The best applications to control expenses are compatible with Android and iOS and include many functionalities, so that you always have control over your finances.

The best applications to control expenses

Google Pay

One of the best applications to control expenses is Google Pay . We will start by telling you that Google Pay is a very modern system through which you can make payments without always having to carry cash or a physical card. It is enough to be registered in this functionality (pre-installed at the factory in most Android devices) and add one or more cards; In addition, your phone must have NFC technology for contactless payments.

Google Pay es una de las mejores aplicaciones para controlar gastos, pero también para hacer pagos

But Google Pay is not only this, it also offers the possibility of collecting all your cards here and keeping track of all your expenses from your mobile, something that can be done through the web. From the app you can review all the purchases you have made in physical stores, but also online; From here it is possible to check direct debits and keep your finances right. If you are one of those people who like to do their accounts very well, we tell you that you can download an extract to check all the transactions you have made. Best of all, not only are the payments you make with Google Pay saved, but whenever you use your card: they are synchronized.

Available for Android and iOS.

Fintonic, indisputably one of the best applications to control expenses

A few years ago we heard about Fintonic. And it is one of the most popular financial management applications because basically the app does everything for you. The same thing keeps you in control of the accounts, which sends you alerts when you have to make a next payment or if you have been given a receipt twice, for example. In addition, the application is capable of making forecasts of what you will spend in the month and it will send you tips to not only make ends meet, but also save a little.

Fintonic es una de las aplicaciones de control de gastos más populares

All you have to do is register your cards here and Fintonic will do the rest. The movements you make (expenses, income or transfers in favor) will be automatically organized in the app. So you can check, on the one hand, the payments you make in leisure and restaurants, but also subscriptions, bills, pharmacy, supermarket, etc. In addition, Fintonic will make recommendations for products and services according to the expenses you make and that allow you to control your money and save.

Available for Android and iOS.


Goodbudget allows you to control your finances and make a budget that adjusts to your expenses, so that you can always be aware of what is happening with your money. Goodbudget is one of the best applications to control expenses because with it you have the possibility to create family budgets, synchronize them and share them with the members of your family; And it is that Goodbudget synchronizes with all connected devices, in addition, the app makes backup copies on its own servers. You can easily restore these backup copies and also download the transactions you make.

Goodbudget te permite hacer presupuestos familiares

Do you and your partner share an account? Do you have children with debit cards for their expenses? Or maybe you just share a flat with other people? Well, with Goodbudget they can easily control everything they spend and what they spend it on. Goodbudget allows users to split transactions when making payments. It has a free version, but also a paid version with more benefits and functionalities.

Available for Android and iOS.

Money Manager: Expense & Budget

Money Manager: Expense & Budget makes keeping accounts so much easier. You can record your financial movements, generate expense reports, view the data history (daily, weekly and monthly) of your transactions; In addition, the application allows you to set a budget. And not only that: Money Manager includes within its functionalities registering all the money that passes through your account: deposits, transfers and, of course, purchases and payments to third parties: all this at the moment!

Money Manager es muy intuitiva y fácil de usar

Expenses are shown in a functional and very intuitive graph that allows you to compare finances day by day. You can also make transfers between your accounts and cards directly from this application and schedule payments to third parties (direct debits and transfers).

Available for Android and iOS.

Your bank has the best applications to control expenses

We are sure that your bank app is also incredibly good. There are apps that are better than others, such as BBVA’s which, for several years, has been the best banking app in the world. Lucky for the clients of this bank, but also the competition usually has excellent applications, some more intuitive and easy to use than others. For example, the Santander app allows you to view your income, the transactions you carry out, search among them, and it has a kind of calculator that gradually subtracts the money as it leaves your account.

Revolut, un banco virtual, cuenta con una de las mejores aplicaciones para controlar gastos

Bank apps estimate when and how much you will have to pay on the direct debits at your bank, they send you alerts and notifications of what you spend and receive and many of them allow you to make budgets to better manage your finances. Here we highlight, in addition to BBVA and Santander, the apps of virtual banks such as Revolut and Imagine (from Caixa Bank), as well as the Abanca application.