What are lean meats?

Many times we talk about lean meat and red meat, but there are those who are not clear about which animals belong to each type of meat. This is why we have decided to write this text and make it clear what lean meat is, why it is called lean, what the characteristic is and what animals give it. A very interesting text where from now on we will make the purchase with more awareness.

We can eat all kinds of meat, including camel or crocodile, although in Spain it is not so normal. Now we are going to focus on the meats that we have in Spain and here there are mainly 2 types of meats, on the one hand, red meat and white meat.

Red meat is in the spotlight after numerous scientific studies that link it to the appearance of cancer in different parts of the body, such as colon cancer. However, white meats are best known for being sold as “healthy meats.” Neither one is so bad, nor the other so good.

The fault really is not the meat itself, but the frequency. That is, if we eat meat every day, we are more likely to develop some type of disease such as cancer or cardiovascular disease. However, if our diet is based mainly on vegetables, seeds, fruits and healthy foods, and we leave meat for 2 or 3 times a week, we drastically reduce the risk of serious diseases.

Lean meat characteristics

Lean meat is characterized by having less than 10% fat per 100 grams of product , and they are also very rich in protein. The funny thing about this is that this group includes both red meat and white meat, and it depends on the type of meat cut. To be lean, they must be cuts free of a lot of fat, easily digestible and without nerves, cartilage, bacon and others.

It is called lean meat because it is made up almost 100% of muscle fibers, so fat or other elements do not enter, as we have seen in the previous paragraph.

Whenever we go to eat meat we should choose lean meat, in this way we will be saving almost 80% of fats. Therefore, it would be healthier for our body. It is also important to see how we cook it, since it is necessary to flee from burned meats, because they are carcinogenic; from sauces for their empty calorie amounts and from raw meats for the health hazards we face.

Un hombre cortando carne

What are lean meats?

You have to take into account many different things, since depending on how it is cooked, the type of cut and the animal from which the meat comes will be lean or not. For example, chicken with skin is not lean, without skin, it is. These are details that we will delve into below and they will make us understand all the amalgam of information.

Maga turkey meat

The thighs of the turkey are the parts with less fat of this type of meat, in addition, the turkey is very rich in protein. Turkey meat is included in healthy diets for these reasons, even so, if we want to lose weight seriously we would have to reduce the intake of meat and increase the intake of vegetables .

Turkey breast is also lean meat, so it is a very good option if we want to add turkey to our weekly diet. It is usually a very tasty and juicy piece of meat, although to be really lean, we must consume it without the skin.

Lean rabbit meat

Rabbits with lean meat par excellence, since they are meats rich in protein and very low in calories . Once again we say that it depends a lot on how we cook it, that one thing is that this type of meat has less than 10% fat per 100 grams of meat, and then we put several sauces and consume ultra-processed.

The good thing about rabbit meat is that it has greater juiciness and flavor than turkey and chicken meat. Before we have said that this type of animal has a low caloric intake, but it really is somewhat above chicken and turkey, even so, it is one of the healthiest.

Lean chicken

Perhaps the most consumed meat in Spain and the issue of skin has always been discussed. It is true, if we want to eat meat in a healthy way, it is best to cook the chicken steamed or in the oven and without skin, since with its skin it is not considered lean meat because it exceeds 10% fat per 100 grams of meat.

The breast and thighs are the leanest areas of this animal, as with the turkey and they are very similar animals, only that the turkey is larger.

It is usually the favorite meat of all people who practice sports and want to take care of themselves and eat healthy, light and fast, in addition, chicken has a lot of protein . That is why it is one of the most consumed meats, and its quality and price ratio helps.

Filete de pollo

Lean pork

Yes, pork has been in the middle of a debate, since it is red meat, but for years the meat industry has wanted to disguise reality and sell that this type of meat is white and healthy. We want to clarify that pork is lean only in some parts, the rest is still a very high-calorie meat.

With this meat, you also have to be careful with how you cook it, since you have to avoid the fried and battered, the embers that end up burning the fillets and similar situations. It’s best to go round and round in a skillet or in the oven.

The lean areas of pork are the loin with only 3 grams of fat per 100 grams of product , followed closely by the shoulder and sirloin. The rest is non-lean meat.

Lean beef

Within this group we are going to include veal (bull and cow less than 12 months old), beef, ox and cow (adult animal less than 48 months old that has already given birth). They are many animals with meat rich in protein and low in fat.

The leanest cuts are veal and beef are sirloin, butt, high and low loin. However, there is much more variety of beef , so much so that there are up to almost 30 different cuts (fillet, tenderloin, steak, etc.) and all comply with the lean cut that we explained at the beginning.