Vigo What to see and do in this beautiful Galician coastal city?

Vigo is one of the least visited cities in Galicia, as most travelers prefer to go to Santiago de Compostela or La Coruña. But, despite this, it is a beautiful city that we recommend visiting because it has many corners that are worth visiting.

This city is perfect for a weekend or a long weekend, since you can get to know it very well in a couple or three days, especially if you follow our recommendations.

What to see and do in Vigo?

Here we tell you all the interesting places to see in Vigo and everything you can do in this beautiful city of Galicia.

The castle of San Sebastián

The castle of San Sebastián is one of the main tourist attractions in the city of Vigo, also known as Castillo del Castro . It is located in the very heart of the city and its construction took place in 1656, at which time Spain wanted to protect the city from the Portuguese. If you visit the castle you will enjoy the best views of the estuary, the city and the Cíes Islands , which we will talk about below. In addition, within the walled enclosure there is a beautiful garden .

The Cíes Islands

The Cíes Islands are part of the Natural Park of the Atlantic Islands and is another essential place to visit in Vigo, since it is a true paradise of flora and fauna. In addition, here is one of the richest underwater ecosystems in Galicia . In fact, archaeological remains have been found that indicate human presence since 3500 BC.

Islas Cíes en Vigo

This place can be reached by ferry between March and October. As it is a protected area, the number of daily visitors is limited , so you will have to book well in advance and request a special permit at the Xunta de Galicia or through a company that manages this procedure.

Beaches of Vigo

In Vigo there are nine beaches that got the blue flag for the quality of their waters. So if you travel to the city in summer or go on a sunny day, we advise you to go to one of them to enjoy its fine white sand and crystal clear waters.

The best option is the Samil beach , although if you are looking for a quieter option we advise you to go to the Bouzas sandbanks . But there are others that are also beautiful, such as O Vao, Argazada, Tombo do Gato, Os Muiños de Fortiñón, Canido and Fontaiña. In the Cíes Islands, of which we have told you in the previous point, there are two that are very worthwhile, that of Rodas and that of Figueiras.

MARCO Museum

If you have a rainy day or you like museums, you can visit the MARCO museum , which is Vigo’s contemporary art museum . Inside you will find exhibitions of 20th century artistic styles, as well as activities and training events. But we advise you to stop for a moment to contemplate the building from the outside, since it was built in 1861 and was used as a Palace of Justice and a prison . Because of this, it was declared an Asset of Cultural Interest in 1990.

Port of Vigo

The port of the city of Vigo is considered one of the most important fishing ports in the world. Here large containers that come from different parts of the world, such as Asia and America, are unloaded on a weekly basis. We advise you to walk around the place, which although it is not a particularly touristy point, it surprises for its greatness and importance.

Vigo Cathedral

In Vigo there is no cathedral, but there is the Collegiate Church of Santa María de Vigo , which is a co-cathedral. It is of a fairly austere neoclassical style. The two baroque towers on the outside stand out, which stand out quite a bit on their façade with hardly any ornamentation. But we also highlight the sundial (curiously, it is not oriented to the south, which is usually the most common). If you decide to enter, you will see that it has a basilica floor plan with three naves and that the image of the Christ of Victory stands out in its chapels.

We also highlight that in the cathedral there is an olive tree, specifically one of the four centenarians in the city.

Visitar la concatedral de Vigo

Vello helmet

One of the places that you cannot leave if you visit Vigo is the old area or casco vello . Until a few years ago this area was quite neglected, but now it is an area full of cafes, terraces and bars , so there is a lot of movement and it is the perfect place to enjoy the gastronomy of Vigo .

Here is the Plaza de la Constitución , which is where the old town hall was located.

Salinae Archaeological Center

Regardless of whether you like museums or not, we consider this to be quite enjoyable to visit, so if you get a rainy day or you just want to know a little more about the passage of the Romans through Vigo, we recommend you visit it.

In 1998, while the works of the health center were being carried out, the Roman ruins of a large-scale salt exploitation appeared dating from the I-III centuries AD Until that year they had been totally hidden and it was not known that they were there, so which was a great discovery, since, in addition, they are the only museum salt flats that are preserved from Roman times.


Something you have to do in Vigo is enjoy its gastronomy , since it is a real treat for the palate. You will find dishes made with meat and dishes made with fish , so you will enjoy yes or yes your food even if you are more of one thing than the other. The gastronomic offer here is very high, so we advise you, first of all, that you look for a restaurant in the port area to taste the fish and shellfish of the estuary . Second, go for tapas in the A Pedra area and do a cheese tasting .

Gastronomía en Vigo

Galician Sea Museum

The Museo do Mar de Galicia is another museum that we recommend for the value of its exhibitions, which will allow you to know everything about fishing and shellfish in Vigo. Inside you will find exhibitions that will explain everything about the development of fishing, shellfish and the conservation of products that are obtained on the high seas. The most curious thing is that in this museum there is everything, old toys related to the theme we are discussing, real photographs, models, torpedo launchers, boats….

We warn you that to visit it you will need about two hours , so if you are going to be in the city for a short time, it may be better to invest that time in other visits. Unless, of course, the subject interests you a lot.

These are our recommendations for the best things you can see and do in Vigo, a Galician city that has many beautiful corners despite being one of the least visited in this Autonomous Community. And if you have very little time and you are going to be in Vigo for a weekend, you can take a free tour . In this city they offer them and we consider that it is a very good way to know the essentials of the city or to make a first contact.